PlayStation 4 Cover 1
The third place

We’ve already established that Sony loves creating console bundles. The company’s entire strategy with the PlayStation 4 appears to revolve around making as many unique hardware options as it can possibly muster, so why not go the whole hog and start creating some custom hard drive face plates to go with these limited edition packages?

That’s certainly what the platform holder’s doing in Japan, but so far its etched options have looked pretty tacky. One industrious NeoGAF user has come up with some alternative ideas, though, showing what a DriveClub or WipEout themed console could look like. The prolific Photoshop user even came up with a PlayStation 2-inspired design as well.

As the cover plate is interchangeable, these wouldn’t necessarily need to be limited to new hardware purchases either; Sony could sell them separately, or perhaps even give them away as competition prizes. Would you be interested in pimping your next-gen platform with one of these neat personalised hard drive plates? Swap yours out in the comments section below.