Soul brothers

Sony’s latest console may be selling better than any other system on the market right now, but that doesn’t give it an excuse to get lazy this Christmas. With Microsoft lining up more November marketing partnerships than we can count, the platform holder will need to ensure that it has some PlayStation 4 commercials of its own to counter – and this ‘Friendly Competition’ spot is one of them.

Debuted over the weekend on the Japanese giant’s official YouTube channel, the video focuses on three of the machine’s biggest titles: NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4, and Destiny. The astute among you will probably be eager to point out that there’s not one exclusive on display here, which may be down to the fact that the manufacturer’s lineup looks a little thin this holiday. However, as we recently pointed out, it’s multiformat titles that move hardware these days.

Either way, we reckon that the spot should prove a hit in the United States – after all, we’re informed that the average American adores Kevin Durant, quad bikes, and guns. We suppose that the production values could be better in places, but we reckon that it gets the message across. Oh, and while we’re stereotyping, we’re willing to bet you a whole dollar bill that this year’s SCEE advert incorporates SingStar in some way. Sigh.