Since its announcement at the start of the year, anticipation has definitely cooled on PlayStation Now. The forward thinking service still sounds exciting on paper, but with the on-demand platform not rolling out in Europe until next year, and prices being a little on the high side, a few question marks have been placed next to the service. Nevertheless, if you’re in North America, you can give it a go now, and see if those criticisms are justified.

Available in open beta on the PlayStation 4 as of yesterday, you’ll be able to rent over 100 classic PlayStation 3 titles directly from the PlayStation Store. These releases will be available in 7-day, 30-day, 90-day, and four hour durations, with the latter offering an easy means of testing out a title without coughing up too much cash. Impressively, traditional features such as Trophies, friends lists, and leaderboards will all be supported, despite the fact that you’re playing in the cloud.

You can learn a little more about how the service works courtesy of this, er, somewhat awkward PlayStation Blog infomercial. What are your initial impressions on the cloud-based platform? Try not to buffer in the comments section below.