She is not happy

When she’s not in court and covering classic Stevie Nicks songs, Mean Girls lead Lindsay Lohan is apparently keeping herself busy by pursuing the billion dollar success of Grand Theft Auto V. As rumoured over six months ago, the child star turned jail bird has called in her attorney regarding the portrayal of a character in the blockbuster PlayStation 3 game.

According to the actress, Lacey Jonas shares an “unequivocal” likeness to her, including her image, voice, and styles from her clothing line. The lawsuit – which was filed earlier today – also suggests that the game’s inclusion of West Hollywood’s famous Chateau Marmont hotel, in which the tabloid sensation once resided, is further evidence of the in-game personality being based upon her.

The sandbox series has always prided itself in tongue-in-cheek pop culture portrayals, so while we’re sure that there are elements of Lohan’s life parodied in the virtual prima donna, we doubt that she was the exclusive inspiration. Either way, if we were the Freaky Friday star, we’d honestly want to distance ourselves from a character that thinks that Africa is a country.