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Push Rewind was conceived as a means to keep you up to date with the weekly happenings on Planet PlayStation, but seeing as this editor’s been holidaying as far away from computer screens as humanly possible over the past seven or so days, this should prove a really rather resourceful recap for your humble host, too. We’re still very much in the E3 2014 hangover, with featureless firmware updates among the hottest headlines. Still, here’s everything that you need to know.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War - 9/10

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a poignant and powerful reminder of the significant human toll borne of the wars that we so often act out in our favourite video games. It doesn’t exaggerate or embellish its subject matter, but rather tells a story rooted in historical accuracy and human emotion. And while the puzzler’s gameplay isn’t revolutionary by any means, its awe-inspiring visual design, clever soundtrack, and thoughtful plot will break your heart in the best possible way.

Battle Princess of Arcadias - 7/10

Not quite RPG, not quite brawler, Battle Princess of Arcadias manages to inhabit its own little space between the two. The positives of the combination more than outweigh the negatives of not focusing on a specific genre, and like any good royal, the game will leave you smiling after each and every visit.

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Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That Nobody Got?

Given the recent furore over the lack of female playable characters in Assassin's Creed: Unity — and the fact that the previously controversial action RPG Dragon's Crown is currently part of Europe's PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection — I've been having plenty of time to think about how sexism manifests itself in the video game industry, and perhaps more importantly, how the gaming press reacts when it spots something it finds objectionable. Unsurprisingly for a hobby which is dominated by teenage males, women are often treated as objects of lust rather than living, breathing people; an irksome issue which is by no means exclusive to video games, and can be found in practically every other type of media — music and movies especially.

Matters of Import: Becoming the Ace Pilot of Your Dreams in Gundam: Extreme VS Full Boost

Over the course of its opening five hours, Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Full Boost had this particular Gundam-crazed author shouting and swearing worse than a generic Zeon pilot who's about to be blown to bits by an opposing Feddie protagonist. In layman's terms, this ridiculously named title plays host to an absolutely brutal learning curve that'll be more than enough to put off anyone who isn't a super-fan of the source material. But overcome the daunting task of learning to pilot a mobile suit, and the arena based brawler proves to be an immensely rewarding mecha experience.

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PS4 Firmware Update 1.72 Available For Download Now, PS3 Update 4.60 Coming Soon

If you turn on your beloved PS4 today you'll be prompted to download and install firmware package 1.72 — the latest update for Sony's popular next-gen home console. Owners of Sony's previous domestic system needn't feel left out, either — the PS3 is getting firmware update 4.60 very soon.

July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and Teases with TowerFall Ascension on PS4

Hold onto your hats, because July's PlayStation Plus update has been officially announced. As rumours suggested, Capcom's slick slash-'em-up Strider and intense indie TowerFall Ascension make up the upcoming month's PlayStation 4 offering.

The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' After The Xbox One's Price Reveal

A lot has been said about the performance of the two major players at last year's E3. Regardless of your view, it's no secret that Sony's super system has been going gangbusters when it comes to numbers. And while it certainly wasn't the most crucial element, the PlayStation 4's significantly cheaper price tag can certainly take a lot of the credit for that.

PS4's Secret Ponchos Will Be One of Your Free PS Plus Games in Autumn

We may still be waiting on confirmation regarding July's PlayStation Plus update that will supposedly include Strider and Towerfall: Ascension on PlayStation 4, but our pals over at Eurogamer have managed to break the news that isometric shooter Secret Ponchos will takes its place as one of the service's free games at some point this Autumn.

Sony Mercilessly Hacks Ten Bucks Off The Price Of The Last Of Us: Remastered

The Last of Us: Remastered hits the PS4 next month, and unsurprisingly plenty of people have already pre-ordered the title, eager to survive the horror all over again. The good news if you haven't already laid down your cash is that Sony has slashed $10 off the price of the game in North America. It will now set you back $50 as opposed to the original $60.

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Still Curious about No Man's Sky on PS4? This Video Should Answer a Lot of Your Questions

It stole the show at E3 along with our Best Game of E3 award, but that hasn't stopped Sony from releasing a rather lengthy trailer that sheds a lot of light on No Man's Sky finer points.