It's still a silly name

Sony's virtual reality headset Project Morpheus may be a nifty piece of tech, but its value is incredibly hard to demonstrate. After all, there's nothing particularly exciting about watching someone with a clunky set of goggles strapped to their face wildly waving their arms about. It's the sort of thing that can only truly be appreciated once you yourself don the dapper device.

In an attempt to solve this problem. the firm has released this short video showing off the 'Faces of Morpheus.' The trailer sees several E3 attendees seemingly having a riotous time as the explore virtual worlds. In truth, the clip still doesn't do a tremendously good job of showing off the device's appeal, but it is nice to see the Japanese giant exert some marketing muscle.

Has this video sold you on Project Morpheus, or are you still waiting to get your hands on one? Strap on your goggles in the comments section below.