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Similarly to a No Doubt bassline, this week’s PlayStation coverage has left us bobbing our heads like the Churchill Dog. Yes, we’re a little late with this latest edition of Push Rewind, but cut us some slack – today was a public holiday in the UK, after all. Still, with stories spanning new PlayStation 4 firmware updates, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and reviews of the likes of Child of Light, we simply couldn’t resist playing back the past seven days.

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Child of Light - 9/10

Child of Light has a few flaws, but these don’t prevent it from being an instant classic. A lot like Braid in 2008, this will be a title that comes to represent a whole new generation of ‘artsy’ affairs, and while its running time leans a little on the short side, its excellent battle system and outstanding art style will ensure that you enjoy every minute while it lasts. If you’re looking for something a little different for your PS4 – or you just want to reward the poor writer who had to spend months slumped over a rhyming dictionary in order to concoct the cunningly clever plot – then this is very much a must buy.

Stick It to the Man - 8/10

Stick It to the Man will make you laugh, and then it’ll be gone. The game’s short story and lack of additional content mean that this is a trip that you can take in a single evening – but its originality makes it more than worth the ride. Indeed, while this zany affair may be fleeting, its characters and dialogue will stick with you long after the credits roll, and that’s reason enough to engross yourself in its wacky world.

Other Reviews

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Feature: Eight Promising PS4, PS3, and Vita RPGs in 2014

Despite being a genre that's certainly had its ups and downs, role-playing games remain a cornerstone of gaming. While traditional RPGs are few and far between outside of independent attempts, traits and mechanics that the genre introduced have steadily bled into vastly different types of releases. From shooters to sports titles, things like statistics, levelling up, and skill trees have made their way into some of the most popular franchises to ever grace our consoles.

Talking Point: Why PS4's Delays May Be a Blessing in Disguise

You could almost sense the falling fire and brimstone in forums when both DriveClub and Watch Dogs were delayed mere weeks before the PlayStation 4’s release. While the platform holder had acted impeccably leading up to the next-gen system’s launch, we always felt that something would go wrong in the days before the big black box hit store shelves, and the loss of two major launch titles certainly struck with Muhammad Ali-like force. Despite the doom and gloom at the time, though, the anticipated titles’ unexpected absences didn’t really hurt much, as Sony went on to break sales records with its super machine, and struggle to keep stock on store shelves.

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Rumour: Sony's Next Big PS4 Game Project Beast May Have Just Leaked

How do you inject a spot of spice into a slow news day? You start rumours about Sony’s next big PlayStation 4 exclusive, of course. And that’s exactly what’s happening all over the web right now, as purported images of the platform holder’s rumoured collaboration with From Software have started to appear on forums and social network feeds.

PS4's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Changes Everything on 4th November

Even the world’s best armies have to make contingency plans, so it’s good to see that Activision was prepared to react to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s leak overnight. Despite the publisher originally planning to fire off the first trailer for the Sledgehammer Games developed sequel on Sunday, the footage has arrived a few days early – but it still looks great.

You May Not Know About These Secret PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Features

As promised, Sony deployed the PlayStation 4’s hotly anticipated v1.70 firmware update overnight – and it’s shaped up to be the enormous overhaul that we predicted. Rather than deploy lots of little updates, it seems that the platform holder has opted to change its tact from the PlayStation 3 era, and focus on a few bumper ones. Alas, while this latest refresh has various headline features like the SHAREfactory editing suite and HDCP toggle, are there any secret features that the manufacturer has slipped through?

Sony Just Revealed More PS4 Games Than We Have Time to Talk About

Sony’s tagline for the PlayStation 4 may be ‘For the Players’, but it’s definitely not ‘For the Poor Push Square Writers’. As excited as we are by the prospect of a bazillion new next-gen releases, we didn’t exactly want to see them appear at the end of a 14-hour or so marathon shift. Nevertheless, life often deals less than ideal hands, so we suppose that we’d best just suck it up and begin typing.

How Long Will You Survive in PS4's Free Zombie MMO H1Z1?

The undead may be about as common as a misleading Daily Mail headline these days, but Sony Online Entertainment’s impending free-to-play PlayStation 4 escapade H1Z1 is aiming to do something a little different with its post-apocalyptic setting. Evidently inspired by the likes of Day-Z, the MMO will find you fighting off rotten foes and scavenging for resources in a persistent world.

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Video of the Week

This New Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer Is Some Seriously Chilling Stuff

Even after the many times that we've heard about it, Murdered: Soul Suspect still feels as ethereal and nebulous as its ghostly protagonist. There's something bizarre and intriguing about the spook-'em-up that we just can't pin down. Set in the notoriously haunted city of Salem, the title sees you playing as a recently murdered gumshoe, who has to use his otherworldly powers to help solve crimes.