You can play your own way

Sony's been doing all it can to push the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show in recent weeks, releasing a stream of trailers that have even the most ardent cricket fans among us ogling the title's impressive visuals. This latest clip is no exception, and shows off several minutes of bombastic baseball action.

Helpfully, the video also details some of the options that you can expect to see when you take on the game's manage mode. Most notably, the sports sim includes a feature that will allow you to play as just a single player on the field, as well as a sportscast mode that'll speed up the entire process while still allowing you to make key decisions. That last one should be particularly useful for those of us that unfortunately know next to nothing about America's favourite pastime.

Have you been waiting for the next-gen version of MLB 14 The Show, or have you made do with the PS3 edition? Are you impressed with the title's graphics? Hit a homerun in the comments section below.