Hells bells

Even after the many times that we've heard about it, Murdered: Soul Suspect still feels as ethereal and nebulous as its ghostly protagonist. There's something bizarre and intriguing about the spook-'em-up that we just can't pin down. Set in the notoriously haunted city of Salem, the title sees you playing as a recently murdered gumshoe, who has to use his otherworldly powers to help solve crimes.

To help build some hype around the incoming game, Square Enix recently released a new story trailer on the PlayStation Blog that gives us a bit more information regarding the title's primary antagonist, The Bell Killer. Needless to say, the clip doesn't contain a great deal of tangible gameplay. However, its chilling and grizzly premise certainly gave this reporter a potent case of the willies.

What do you make of Murdered: Soul Suspect? Do you think that it's worthy of further investigation, or will you be giving this one a swerve? Let us know in the comments section below.

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