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The past few days have been a bit mixed for the PlayStation Nation, as the departures of Jack Tretton and Amy Hennig may have brought a tear to your eye. Fortunately, any sadness should have been washed away by the announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight, which is punching onto the PlayStation 4 later this year. Also sending a signal to Sony’s next-gen system soon is Watch Dogs, with Ubisoft deploying the title’s first post-delay trailer earlier this week. There’s plenty to get through, so let’s get to it.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition - 6/10

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition doesn’t solve the core gunplay issues that plagued the release’s original outing, but this is still a fine upgrade for those merely looking for some rotten flesh to fire at. Once again, the survival horror aspects feel at odds with the arcade-inspired gameplay, but the new social features just about justify a return to this resurrected digital download.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky - 7/10

If you can work through the mind numbing first couple of hours, Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky blooms into an addictive JRPG. Much like an alchemical formula, the individual pieces of this concoction are less impressive than its whole – just don’t jump into the release expecting to make something out of nothing.

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Batman: Arkham Knight


Feature: Five Badass Things You'll Do in Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4

A cynic may argue that it’s taken far too long for the cogs in the next-gen announcement cycle to really get turning, but Batman: Arkham Knight appears to have finally kicked the PlayStation 4 hype machine back into life. In production at series creator Rocksteady Studios, the London-based developer is aiming to conclude its superhero themed trilogy with a bang on Sony’s recently released machine. And speaking as part of a Game Informer cover story, the popular outfit has outlined exactly how it intends to finish the Dark Knight’s greatest ever gaming escapade on a high. Like the moody detective himself, we’ve analysed all of the details – and compiled a list of the five most badass things that you’ll do in the upcoming campaign.

Game of the Month: February 2014 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

There may not have been too many releases to get our sweaty hands on last month, but February still proved to provide a much stronger lineup than January's rather weak offering, as a number of games walked away with some high scores. Of course, the presence of such highly praised titles meant that our staff vote was always going to turn into a bloodbath, but despite the copious amounts of violence that occurred, we eventually reached a verdict. Little did we know, however, that only despair would follow.

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Jack Tretton


SCEA President Jack Tretton Won't Be Dropping the Mic At Any More Sony Pressers

Sony may have hit a homerun with the PlayStation 4 over the past few months, but it's undergoing a bit of an employment overhaul at the minute. Hot on the heels of layoffs at Sony Santa Monica and the departure of Uncharted creator Amy Hennig earlier in the week, SCEA president Jack Tretton has now announced that he’s leaving the company after a whopping 19 years at the firm.

Uncharted Franchise Director Amy Hennig Leaves Naughty Dog After 10 Years

Long time Naughty Dog staffer Amy Hennig has recently left the Californian developer after 10 years of service, Sony has confirmed. Notable for her role as director and writer on all three Uncharted games, the storied scribe vacated her position on 3rd March. Thankfully, the Japanese giant was quick to assure us that the egress won't have an impact on the upcoming next-gen entry's release schedule.

Watch Dogs Officially Makes a Connection with PS4 on 27th May

As expected, Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs will whip out its smartphone on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on 27th May worldwide. The game – which was originally due out last November – will see you step into the futuristic shoes of Aiden Pearce, a vigilante who uses his hacking skills and nifty smartphone to fight back against the camera obsessed city of Chicago.

Why Is Batman: Arkham Knight Focusing Firmly on PS4?

While we’re still in the infancy of the PlayStation 4 era, true next-gen exclusives are rare. We’ve had the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, of course, but many of the big multiplatform games have released on the PlayStation 3 as well. The recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight is aiming to buck this trend and point its attention firmly at Sony’s newest format – but why is that?

PS4's Virtual Reality Headset May Just Be Revealed on 18th March

Pull out your Ron Paul animated images, because Sony could be gearing up for a megaton in just over a week’s time. The platform holder has announced a new GDC session, which aims to detail “the future of innovation” at the firm. Set to take place between 17:45PM and 18:45PM PST on 18th March, the panel will be hosted by Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, EyeToy creator Dr. Richard Marks, and senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov.

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Buckle Up with Four Minute Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

As the old saying goes, the bat’s out of the bag. Warner Bros has officially announced Batman: Arkham Knight – and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year. The sequel will once again see you step inside the steel toe capped boots of Gotham’s greatest detective, only this time the Batmobile will be riding shotgun in your battle against crime.