This looks pants

Ripping the clothes off anyone in public may be enough to land you with a pretty severe sexual assault charge, but in upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita title Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, you can at least tell the police that you’re actually saving the planet. XSEED has announced that the cult Acquire developed title is heading to North America this summer, no doubt thrilling naturists around the world.

Set in the famous Japanese electronics district Akihabara, the title sees you repelling a sinister menace known as the Synthisters, who are preying on Tokyo’s otaku, draining their will to live and socialise. However, because these vampirish foes are indistinguishable to ordinary residents, you’ll need to use a special in-game smartphone app to track them down, and then strip them of their clothes. Doing so will expose them to the sun – and give you a good eyeful of flesh in the process.

Sound weird? That’s because it is, but we must say that we’re quite taken by the title’s cheerful interpretation of the popular shopping quarter. Despite being the second title in the series, this is the first entry to make its way overseas. You can check out a teaser trailer below, which hints at the risqué action on the way. Will you be wearing an extra layer of clothing next time you head outside? Cover yourself up in the comments section below.