Launch titles are often best left in the shadows as the younger, more attractive games hog the spotlight. February, however, marks Dynasty Warriors Next's five minutes of fame as it's confirmed to be one of February’s free PlayStation Vita titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers. With a fanbase as loyal as Call of Duty and boasting just as many entries to boot, many will be eagerly awaiting the hack-and-slash franchise freebie. Others, however, will be excited to know that this is the second title to be confirmed from the rumoured February Instant Game Collection list.

Tecmo Koei shared the good news in a since deleted message on Twitter (also spotted by The Sixth Axis), making a perfect start to the day – the only downside is that now we have to wait for the content to be released. With Outlast already set to cause many sleepless nights, the dream team February lineup is one step closer to becoming a reality. Are you looking forward to mass slaughter on the go, or are you waiting for BioShock Infinite to be the last rabbit pulled out of the hat? Let us hear your battle cry in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via thesixthaxis.com]