Outlast 02

We've been keeping our eyes on Red Barrels' popular horror title Outlast for a long time now. Mostly in the hopes that our fearless leader Sammy Barker wouldn't force us to sit through the terrifying ordeal for a review, but also because of the glowing reception that the game received following its release on the PC. Most recently, rumours were floating around the Internet that the PlayStation 4 version of the survival horror would be joining the European Instant Game Collection this February.

And it seems that these rumours were absolutely true, with a recent Facebook post from the developer confirming the fact. In truth, we're almost certain that the Japanese giant signed a horrifying and nefarious deal with some unspeakable force of darkness to secure this game for its PlayStation Plus lineup. However Sony managed it, though, we have to admit a certain measure of trepidation at the thought of getting our trembling hands on the acclaimed horror title. Will you be giving Outlast a try, or would you prefer a slightly more relaxing experience? Scare yourself silly in the comments section below.

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