Full throttle

Brighton-based developer FuturLab sure loves its quirky promotional schemes. Earlier today, the outfit issued a press release with a hidden message: “Fan powered flight”. We thought that the company was merely being cheeky, but it turns out that there’s a lot more to the developer’s tease than three little words.

A teaser website using the same secret phrase features a countdown clock – pointing towards Friday – and the quote: “You asked for it”. In the background are numerous user accounts, which have all commented on Velocity – the studio’s award winning PlayStation Mini – in the past. YouTube user G1nsunuva, for example, asked for a “full PSN sequel” on one of the title’s promotional videos.

We asked managing director James Marsden whether a full PlayStation Vita port of Velocity was on the cards, but he wasn’t willing to give much away. “All will be revealed on Friday,” he grinned.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but notice a fetching set of banner images over on TheSixthAxis.com...

[source fanpoweredflight.net, via News: Velocity Developer FuturLab Signs Landmark Deal with Sony]