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1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Minis

  • US 15th May 2012, $4.99
  • EU 16th May 2012, £3.99
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  • Review Velocity (PlayStation Minis)

    High flyer

    Sometimes a game comes out of nowhere and completely blows you away. Coconut Dodge – the first Minis endeavour from Brighton-based studio FuturLab – had that impact upon almost everyone that tried it. Simple in premise, but deviously addictive, the arcade mini-game was a captivating affair that still holds our attention today. Its...

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Velocity News

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Minis Game of 2012

    Mini marvels

    If this year proves to be the last for Sony’s short-lived PlayStation Minis initiative, then at least the platform holder can boast that the service bowed out with a bang. Sure, the selection of bite-sized blockbusters may have struggled to fill the bottom layer of a cheap box of chocolates, but slim pickings are satisfactory when...

  • News Velocity Developer FuturLab Sure Loves to Tease

    You definitely asked for it

    We thought Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was the master of the countdown clock, but he may just need to renounce his crown. It turns out that there’s a new contender to the teaser throne, and it belongs to Coconut Dodge developer FuturLab. Not content with dropping hints in press releases, launching s

  • News Is FuturLab's Velocity Warping onto the PlayStation Vita?

    You asked for it

    Brighton-based developer FuturLab sure loves its quirky promotional schemes. Earlier today, the outfit issued a press release with a hidden message: “Fan powered flight”. We thought that the company was merely being cheeky, but it turns out that there’s a lot more to the developer’s tease than three little words. A teaser...

  • News Velocity Developer FuturLab Signs Landmark Deal with Sony

    Fan powered flight

    We have to admit, we’ve been expecting this. FuturLab, the award winning studio behind Velocity and Coconut Dodge, has signed a “groundbreaking” deal with Sony that will see the Brighton-based outfit focus on PlayStation Vita titles throughout 2013. The arrangement – which sounds a lot like an expansion of Sony’s popular...

  • News FuturLab Laments Lack of Trophies in PlayStation Minis

    Valuable trinkets

    Trophies sell games, of that there is very little doubt. Licensed pap such as Hannah Montana: The Movie and Trivial Pursuit have enjoyed cynically long retail legs due to their mind-numbingly easy platinum trophies. That ability to drive sales should not be discredited, and FuturLab’s James Marsden believes the lack of digital...

  • Game of the Month May 2012 - Velocity

    Going places

    A PS Mini triumphing over PS3 and Vita games to take the coveted Game of the Month award? You can believe your eyes: Velocity is a little cracker. An ingenious blend of shooter and puzzle means you're always planning your next teleport instead of just blasting everything that moves. A fast trigger-finger will help you, but it won't...

  • News Velocity Shoots onto PlayStation Minis in May

    Neutrino speed

    Futurlab’s promising PlayStation Minis space shooter Velocity is headed to Sony’s digital storefront in May, the developer has announced. North American gamers will get to sample the teleporting blaster from 1st May, while Europeans will have to wait an extra day until 2nd May. Futurlab’s managing director James Marsden said:...

  • News Fresh Velocity Footage Teleports Online


    If our interview and exclusive wallpapers didn’t get you hyped for FuturLab’s upcoming PlayStation Mini, Velocity, then this lengthy gameplay trailer should. The game’s hook – aside from its retro arcade art-style and Joris de Man soundtrack – is the ability to teleport, which brings a brand new challenge to the traditional...

  • News Jazz Up Your Desktop with Our Exclusive Velocity Wallpapers

    Suits you, sir

    In order to celebrate the announcement of FuturLab’s new PlayStation Mini, Velocity, this afternoon, we’ve teamed up with the Brighton based developer to produce an exclusive batch of snazzy wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop with. Managing director James Marsden said: We've had the pleasure of working with one of the...

  • Interview FuturLab - Velocity

    Jet set future

    Coconut Dodge is easily one of the strongest titles on the PlayStation Minis platform. FuturLab’s cunning combination of puzzle and arcade gameplay culminated in one of the most additive games of 2010. Naturally, we’re pretty excited about the studio’s next project: Velocity. On the back of today’s announcement, we sat down...

About The Game

In 2212 the distant star Vilio exploded into a red giant, sending an electromagnetic pulse surging into our deep space mining ships, colony cruisers and Special Forces fighters, knocking out their primary power.

Now the star is beginning to collapse into a black hole, pulling our stranded fleets to their doom!

To make things worse, our warring neighbors have seen reward in our misfortune and have deployed scavengers to prey upon our people!

Only one craft is capable of a rescue mission, the Quarp Jet - a spacecraft capable of teleportation!

Take control of the world's first quantum teleport craft in this innovative shooter, using a range of teleport controls to outsmart enemies, solve action based puzzles and rescue helpless survivors from their deep space hideaways!

You must hurry; the black hole isn't getting any smaller...