Speaking in a recent interview, Kojima Productions' Yuji Korekado has admitted that his company and Platinum Games have clashed several times during the production of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

However, far from presenting these tussles as a negative thing, Korekado was quick to point out that the process has actually made the game better:

They [Platinum] have things that they don't want to change, that they really believe in. At Kojima Productions we have the same strong feelings toward creating a better game. But because we are similar, when there are things that we want changed, we clash all the time. We always clash. We have to discuss. In the end, the motivation of both studios is to make a better product.

When we collide, we can usually see what is good and what is bad in each other's ideas. And it helps us make something better. So as the creative producer, I think we have a lot of problems, but all these problems have given us the right direction to follow.

Metal Gear Rising is due to launch on the PS3 next year. The Vita version has been scrapped due to power constraints.

[source edge-online.com]