So far we've seen shooters rule the roost on PlayStation Move, with high profile Sony FPS titles like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 stealing much of the limelight. There's still room for off-shoots of the genre to make names for themselves though, and that's clearly the thinking at accessory manufacturer and publisher Bigben Interactive, with three new Move-enabled games to be displayed at E3.

Hunter's Trophy is Bigben's answer to Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011, letting you loose in the great outdoors with a genuine break-open-barrel rifle. Bigben claims the game is "respectful of hunting regulations" and will let you hunt more than 20 different animals during the day, night and various weather conditions.

The second title is the economically-named Snipers, a concept that will likely delight many gamers who want to use their Move for nothing but pinpoint headshots. Bigben will also release a sniper rifle attachment to house the controller, bringing a little extra realism to proceedings.

Finally, the publisher is continuing its fitness range with My Body Coach 2 — not to be confused with Ubisoft's My Fitness Coach Club — which will feature custom music from the XMB, over 130 exercise routines and two 500g dumbbells that house your PlayStation Move controllers.

Expect plenty more on all these titles, and every other Move-enabled game, at E3 in three weeks.

E3, Booth #8601, Concourse Hall - June 7th to June 9th 2011.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Bigben’s 2011 software line up - Bigben Interactive, a world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of video game peripherals and a publisher of game software, will introduce several new titles on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, Mac and iOS.

  • CYBERBIKE MAGNETIC EDITION for PlayStation 3™ – The European Best Seller for Nintendo Wii will be back in November with a brand new game. Pedal & Have fun while exercising! Burn calories and keep in shape while playing this fabulous Family videogame.The Wireless stationary bike for Playstation 3 incorporates and under saddle sensor which triggers in games bonus!
  • MY BODY COACH 2 for PlayStation 3™ and Nintendo Wii™ – Discover a new way of exercising on PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii with this true dance & fitness program. The game features over 130 routines and a gym dance mode playable by up to two players. On the PS3 you’ll be able to play your own music. This new gym-dance and fitness program features a pair of 500g dumbbells to house your Wii controller or Playstation Move. In addition, My Body Coach 2 proposes a complete nutrition program matching your goal (lose weight, gain weight, keep in shape, etc.). More than 170 healthy, well balanced and diversified menus made by nutritionists. My Body Coach 2 is in partnership with Valerie Orsoni - well-known Wellness and Nutrition Expert in USA and France.
  • HUNTER’S TROPHY for PlayStation 3™ – Stalk your prey or release your dogs! Hunter’s Trophy is the hunting simulation of the year. It guarantees you a unique hunting experience with the Playstation® Move and includes a genuine break-open-barrel rifle. Hunter’s Trophy is a true hunting simulation, respectful of hunting regulations. Using a rifle or a bow, you hunt over 20 different species in x different terrains, by day, by night, in all weather conditions. The game also features a fun arcade mode shooting range with clay pigeons, targets and shapes.

Bigben Interactive Introduces New Software Lineup!
Bigben Interactive will present its new line-up at E3 2011. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all new titles to be released for this year Xmas Season.

  • SNIPERS for PlayStation 3™ and XBox 360™ – Silent, Invisible, Deadly – Snipers is a fabulous on-line multiplayer FPS allowing 12 players to compete across 10 different maps and 6 gaming modes. Made for real snipers! The game can be played either with the pad or PlayStation Move. The PS3 Move can be housed in the BigBen designed Sniper Gun for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • CREATURES - The revival of the famous Norns in a brand new Free-To-Play game on IOS & PC/MAC online. A lovely pet game in a fictional world that revives all the magic that made this game a huge success of the 90’s. Remember E3 2004, The Norns received an Award as “Icon of the videogame’s industry”.

E3 is a unique place to discover Bigben Interactive games and find out about our innovative gaming peripherals which will be available this year. We will let you know more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About Bigben Interactive: 1981-2011- 30 years of experience.
Founded in 1981, Bigben Interactive designs and distributes high-quality accessories for video game consoles. The company also publishes and distributes video games such as Cyberbike (a video game and exercise bike for the Wii) and My Body Coach (a video game and dumbbells for the Wii). Headquartered in Lesquin, with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Hong Kong, Bigben Interactive sells its products in over 25 countries. Bigben Interactive, a global gaming-accessories vendor, is a publicly traded French company that is expanding its presence and leadership in the U.S.