What are all Implant Bio locations in The Callisto Protocol? As part of our The Callisto Protocol guide, we are listing all collectibles, including Implant Bios. These collectibles are taken off specific bodies in the environment; Jacob Lee shall extract their C.O.R.E. Device and take some data.

The Callisto Protocol: All Implant Bio Locations

The Callisto Protocol: All Implant Bios Locations 1
Image: Push Square

Implant Bios can be identified by a green symbol hovering above certain corpses. Approach them and hold the X button to extract the data contained within the Implant Bio. This will allow you to open up new areas. You can track all the Implant Bios you have on the Data-Bios tab in your inventory. They're the sort of key symbol next to the picture of each character.

There are 20 Implant Bios to collect, and our The Callisto Protocol guide contains explanations and images to help you find them all. Listed below are all Implant Bios locations, with links leading to each chapter's collectibles. Finding them all unlocks the Grim Reaper Trophy.






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