Can you kill Nemesis in Resident Evil 3? What items does Nemesis drop in Resident Evil 3? Let's find out as part of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough.

Just like Mr X in Resident Evil 2, Nemesis is the Tyrant that'll chase and hunt you down throughout the entirety of the franchise's third instalment. The remake dramatically changes its function, but can you actually kill the monster? We answer that question in this Resident Evil 3 remake guide.

Can You Kill Nemesis in Resident Evil 3?

Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake

The short answer to this question is no, you cannot kill Nemesis during general gameplay. However, there is still a good reason to fight him. If you deal enough damage to the Tyrant, he'll get down on one knee, stunned in place. This lasts roughly 30 seconds before it gets up and begins attacking Jill all over again, but Nemesis drops an interesting set of items should you successfully defeat it in certain sections of the game.

Nemesis drops Umbrella Supply Boxes when it is defeated which contain weapon upgrades and ammo for the Shotgun, amongst other weapons. While you'll never be able to kill it outright, downing the Tyrant for a limited amount of time is worth it in the long run as gun enhancements improve your weapons. A Hand Grenade usually does the trick straight away if you have any in your inventory.

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What items has Nemesis dropped for you? Escape Raccoon City and let us know in the comments below.