What are all Charlie Doll locations in Resident Evil 3? How do you destroy all Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3? We'll find out as part of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough.

Similar to Resident Evil 2, Capcom has placed specific toys throughout the Resident Evil 3 campaign for players to track down and destroy. They're Charlie Dolls this time around, and a lot of them are very well hidden. We've been tracking them down, however, to provide you with an easy list to make sure you don't miss any.

Please Note: This list is ordered according to when you'll find the Charlie Dolls as you progress through the story.

Here are all the Charlie Doll locations in Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3: All Charlie Doll Locations

Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Charlie Doll Locations

Listed below are all Charlie Doll locations in the order you'll find them in the game. There are 20 Charlie Dolls in total, and destroying them all unlocks the Goodbye, Charlie! Trophy.

Charlie Doll Location Description
1 Raccoon City, Redstone Street Station As soon as Carlos saves you from Nemesis, turn around instead of following him upstairs. The Charlie Doll will be on your right in between two vending machines.
2 Raccoon City, Downtown In the Donut Shop next to a microwave.
3 Raccoon City, Downtown Next to the safe in the apartment building opposite the Pharmacy, on the top shelf in that room.
4 Raccoon City, Subway Office Under the table.
5 Raccoon City, Downtown In the side entrance of the Toy Uncle Superstore, on a shelf to the right.
6 Subway Power Substation, Control Room Opposite the door leading to the Substation. The Charlie Doll is on top of a cupboard next to the wall.
7 Sewers After sliding down the lower area of the Sewers, head towards the Lab. Stop before the next ladder and the Charlie Doll will be behind the bars.
8 Sewers After placing the Battery Pack in a door that allows you to leave the area, you'll immediately come across a long set of stairs. Turn around halfway up and the Charlie Doll will be sitting on a ledge.
9 Raccoon City, Downtown After opening up the alleyway next to Gun Shop Kendo, the first door you walk through leads into a house. A Charlie Doll will be sat right in front of you as you enter.
10 Police Station Before entering the Police Station itself, on the wall to the left.
11 Police Station, Safety Deposit Room On top of a cabinet in the back left corner of the room.
12 Subway Tunnels After regaining control of Jill following the Police Station, in the corridor after the save room. You'll walk past four open prison cells with zombies inside, and the Charlie Doll is under a bench in the back right cell.
13 Subway Tunnels After making it to ground level, head to the left to find a Charlie Doll sitting in a green van. This is before you cross the bridge to the Clock Tower.
14 Hospital After walking through the reception area, you'll come across a two-pronged hallway. Head right and just before the next door is a Charlie Doll placed on top of a hospital bed.
15 Hospital On the roof of the Hospital, turn to your immediate right as you initially pass through the door. The Charlie Doll will be next to the door.
16 Hospital, Sick Room Behind the door in the bin.
17 Hospital Once you're controlling Jill again, use the Lock Pick on the door nearest the reception area and begin heading down to the Underground Facility. In the room with the large elevator, the Charlie Doll will be on a forklift truck.
18 Underground Facility When you're obtaining three fuses, and have just squeezed through a tight gap. The Charlie Doll will be located on a shelf to the right immediately afterwards.
19 Underground Facility, NEST 2 On the second floor of the facility, on a balcony near the Vaccine Synthesis file.
20 Underground Facility, NEST 2 In the room behind Lab 1 on the second floor.

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