Ah, Resident Evil 3. A PS5 version isn't going to restore all that cut content, but at least the game looks and runs better on Sony's new system. Just like Resident Evil 2, Capcom hasn't exactly pushed the boat out in terms of enhancing its remake of the underappreciated 1999 title. However, there's little to really complain about: Resident Evil 3 looks and runs better on PS5. Simple.

The same two graphical modes headline Resident Evil 3 on PS5; the first is all about ray tracing at a targeted 60fps while the second doubles that frame rate goal and drops the visual quality to make it possible. You also have the option of turning both options off and enjoying the native 4K resolution.

Ray tracing feels more pronounced here compared to Resident Evil 2 as the Umbrella laboratories making up the late-game areas truly shine with slick white walls that shine reflections all over the gaff. The game was already a looker on PS4, but this simple upgrade has done wonders for Jill Valentine, Carlos, and co. We didn't notice quite as many frame rate drops with ray tracing turned on compared to Resident Evil 2 either, suggesting this title may have a slightly better handle on it.

Resident Evil 3 on PS5 also takes advantage of the same speedy load times as its predecessor, allowing you to very quickly get in and out of the game with ease. The same goes for the PS5's adaptive triggers — it's once again very basic support, but there is a touch of difference between the handguns, shotguns, and grenade launchers.

While a PS5 version of Resident Evil 3 could never rectify the glaring issues of the PS4 remake — cut content, very short run time — it does at least shine bright with ray tracing implementation and a native 4K resolution. Capcom was simply trying to make Resident Evil 3 look and run better on PS5, and it at least achieved that.