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Looking for a list of all the school and text question answers in Persona 3 Portable? Well, you've found it. Going to school plays an important role in Persona 3, and making the most of your time there can help develop your main character's key stats.

In particular, giving the correct answers to questions asked by your teacher increases your Charm. Meanwhile, if you score highly on your exams, and you'll be able to collect a reward from Mitsuru if you talk to her at school. These rewards include cards that can be used to increase your persona's stats.

Below, you'll find a complete list of answers to all of Persona 3 Portable's school and exam questions.

Persona 3 Portable: Exam Answers - All School and Test Questions Answered 2
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Persona 3 Portable School Exam Answers

Below you'll find a list of all Persona 3 Portable school and exam answers, organised by month in chronological order.


April 8th: Utsubo Kobota
April 18th: Mud huts
April 27th: 6000 years ago


May 6th: Soft Water
May 13th: 1700km/hr
May 15th: Bread

Exams Starting May 18th

May 18th: Bread
May 19th: Faster than sound
May 20th: Hard Water
May 21st: Nara


June 15th: And
June 17th: Shamanism
June 22nd: Jellyfish
June 25th: Dowsing
June 29th: It can go either way


July 3rd: The Global Heritage Pavilion
July 5th: I failed, it's over now
July 9th: Kondan Einen Shizaihou
July 10th: Kabbalah
July 11th: Imperial Prince

Exams Starting July 14th

July 14th: Dowsing
July 15th: Octopus
July 16th: Minamoto Yoritomo
July 17th: I went, I learned


September 1st: Superconductivity
September 10th: Gochisou-sama
September 11th: The Hermetica
September 14th: Can't let others produce
September 26th: The Tetractys


October 7th: To excite the audience

Exams Starting October 13th

October 13th: Husbands
October 14th: Pythagoras
October 15th: Zero electrical resistance
October 16th: Coup of Meiou

October (Continued)

October 19th: Fourteen
October 22nd: By fermenting them
October 23rd: Madam Blavatsky
October 26th: Wristwatch
October 29th: Lactase


November 12th: The Upanishads
November 30th: They did both


December 7th: Ozone
December 11th: Cacti

Exams Starting December 14th

December 14th: 1185
December 15th: Oxygen
December 16th: Left-hand rule
December 17th: Winter mornings are pleasant

December (Continued)

December 21st: Kido
December 22nd: Euphoria


January 8th: It's wrong
January 18th: Circe

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