Persona 4 Golden: Exam Answers - All School and Test Questions Answered 1
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Looking for all school answers in Persona 4 Golden? Well, this is the guide for you. As is the case in other Persona titles, school once again plays an important role in your day-to-day life in Persona 4. At times, you'll be asked general knowledge questions during class, and every now and then, you'll need to sit through exams.

Answering a question correctly will increase your Knowledge stat, which can be important for unlocking certain social links as you progress through the game. Meanwhile, doing well on your exams increases your bond levels with your fellow students, and you can receive a reward from Dojima by talking to him when he's at home.

It pays to be a good student, then, and that's why we've listed every school and exam question in Persona 4 Golden below.

Persona 4 Golden: Exam Answers - All School and Test Questions Answered 2
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Persona 4 Golden School Exam Answers

Below you'll find a list of all Persona 4 Golden school and exam answers, organised by month in chronological order.


April 14th: 1 B.C.
April 18th: Beta
April 20th: Three
April 23rd: Tulip mania
April 25th: Overcompensation
April 26th: Marriage numbers
April 30th: Valles Marineris


May 7th: The moon is beautiful, isn't it?

Exams Starting May 9th

May 9th

Question 1: Overcompensation
Question 2: 1 B.C.

May 10th

Question 1: Marriage numbers
Question 2: Soseki Natsume

May 11th

Question 1: Pythagoras
Question 2: Olympus Mons

May (Continued)

May 26th: Attendance logs


June 8th: Balance beam
June 13th: Anaerobics
June 15th: Cheerfulness of a group
June 20th: Meiji
June 27th: Individuality
June 30th: Pis Pis River


July 4th: Pascal
July 7th: The U.S. Declaration of Independence
July 13th: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia
July 14th: Kuukai
July 15th: The equator
July 16th: He has no mustache

Exams Starting July 19th

July 19th

Question 1: Cheerfulness in a group
Question 2: Balance beam

July 20th

Question 1: (First answer)
Question 2: Meiji

July 21st

Question 1: King of Hearts
Question 2: Pascal

July 22nd

Question 1: Pis Pis River
Question 2: The U.S. Declaration of Independence


September 1st: All of the above
September 5th: Brisk
September 17th: 40 minutes
September 20th: A nonagenarian
September 28th: Throat


October 4th: Tug-of-war
October 5th: The right edge
October 8th: Chicken
October 11th: Glass jars
October 12th:
October 13th: Ojisan

Exams Starting October 14th

October 14th

Question 1: Throat
Question 2: The right edge

October 15th

Question 1: 40 minutes
Question 2: All of the above

October 17th

Question 1: Black and white bears
Question 2: Ostrich

October 18th

Question 1: Math Girl
Question 2: Glass jars

October 19th

Question 1: Fall
Question 2: Plant resin


November 1st: Geometric shapes
November 4th: A cuckoo
November 7th: No country
November 11th: Namib
November 17th: Bride Ale
November 22nd: A book of maps
November 24th: Fibonacci sequence
November 25th: Khufu
November 26th: Mochi

Exams Starting November 28th

November 28th

Question 1: Italian food
Question 2: Geometric shapes

November 29th

Question 1: Khufu
Question 2: Atlas

November 30th

Question 1: Bridal
Question 2: A cuckoo

Exams Continued December 1st

December 1st

Question 1: No country
Question 2: The Fibonacci sequence

December 2nd

Question 1: Namib
Question 2: Mochi

December (Continued)

December 9th: Transparent
December 10th: The cross-section
December 17th: Compassion makes you look better
December 21st: VII


January 10th: An orange
January 14th: Bury the demons
January 19th: Cat
January 25th: Red
January 30th: Petabyte


February 1st: White

Exams Starting February 6th

February 6th

Question 1: Beta
Question 2: Attendance logs

February 7th

Question 1: Toso
Question 2: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia

February 8th

Question 1: Rabbit
Question 2: Turnips

February 9th

Question 1: White
Question 2: The Sahara Desert sand

Have you answered every school question correctly in Persona 4 Golden? Show off your exam results in the comments section below.

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