The Bulwark has a Melee Pit in Horizon Forbidden West run by Erayyo. Completing this Melee Pit's challenges is required to progress The Enduring. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Melee Pit in The Bulwark.

Melee Pit (The Bulwark): All Challenges

Horizon Forbidden West: Melee Pit (The Bulwark) Guide 1
Chat with Erayyo in the middle of The Bulwark to get started with the Melee Pit.
Name Time Limit Challenge
Jump-Off and Shoot 1:00 Quickly reposition yourself and gain the upper hand.
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Seek and Strike 1:20
No enemy is out of your reach.
Sustained Breaker
Break your opponent's weapon guard, follow up with a fast, punishing attack to close in, then jump off them to reposition yourself and finish with a precise shot.
Pit Master Challenge 2:00 Put your melee skills to the test to defeat brother Erayyo and Virakk, the Sky Tenakth Pit Masters! While Erayyo focuses on speed, Virakk favours powerful attacks. The two borthers are renowned for their tenacity, earning the nicknames 'Kestrel Slayer' and the 'Bonewhite's Executioner' during the Red Raids.

Melee Pit (The Bulwark): All Rewards

  • 1 Sky Clan Mark

Melee Pit (The Bulwark): Notes

In order to complete all challenges at the Melee Pit in The Bulwark you will need to make progress with the Warrior Skill Tree. You can find out more about that through here: Horizon Forbidden West: All Skills and Best Skills to Learn.

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