The Enduring is an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West found in Chainscrape and issued by Odurg. You'll likely discover it during The Embassy when tackling the Melee Pit. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Enduring.

The Enduring: Overview

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When attempting the Melee Pit in Chainscrape, Odurg will add The Enduring to your quest log.
Type Description Recommended Level
Errand Somewhere in the Forbidden West is a legendary Tenakth master known only as the Enduring. Those who prove themselves worthy earn the privilege of training with them. 32

The Enduring: Walkthrough

Before you can begin The Enduring, you'll need to have completed the following Melee Pits:

With all that completed, head to the mountain area directly south of Ninmah Research Lab, approximately east of The Gouge. The Enduring is asleep at a camp. If you can't find her, then look for the smoke in the sky. This is the location of the camp.

Speak to The Enduring, then follow her to a nearby training pit. You can talk to her for a few minutes before engaging in battle. Use all of the techniques and combos you've learned thus far to beat The Enduring, including Resonator Blasts and jump-offs to create space. Once you win, the Errand will be complete.

Where to Find the Enduring

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Travel south of Ninmah Research Lab, east of The Gouge, not far from Bleeding Mark. You'll enter a search area, so follow the pathway up the hill. Eventually you'll see smoke in the sky. Head towards it to find a camp. This is where you'll find The Enduring.

Objective Log

  • Earn All Tenakth Melee Pit Marks
  • Earn the Desert Clan's Mark
  • Earn the Lowland Clan's Mark
  • Earn the Sky Clan's Mark

The Enduring: Rewards

  • 5,000 XP
  • 1 Spear Damage
  • 3 Skill Points

The Enduring: Notes

Complete The Enduring to unlock the Defeated the Enduring Trophy. You'll also get a boost to your Spear's damage.

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