Faro's Tomb is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by GAIA, and automatically follows The Broken Sky, The Sea of Sands, or Seeds of the Past. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Faro's Tomb.

Faro's Tomb: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Faro's Tomb Guide 1
You'll automatically be issued Faro's Tomb by GAIA once you've completed the trio of The Broken Sky, The Sea of Sands, and Seeds of the Past.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest To find and recover Omega Clearance from Thebes, Ted Faro's private bunker, Aloy must journey across the bay to the ancient ruins of San Francisco. 26

Faro's Tomb: Walkthrough

Before heading to Legacy's Landfall, you can stop off at Fall's Edge during Faro's Tomb, although this is optional. If you choose to forge ahead, you'll stumble upon a shack, although no Quen will be around. Instead there's a boat outside you can take to cross the sea. Once you arrive at San Francisco, follow the trail to Legacy's Landfall. There are machines along the way so come prepared. Once you arrive, speak with Ceo and Bohai to learn more about the Quen.

Go north-east of the Legacy's Landfall to Thebes, which is also known as The Digsite in-game. You'll have to kill the Thunderjaw here, which is weak to Acid damage, but is best beaten by dislodging the Disc Launcher from its shoulder and firing any ammunition at the weak points on its body. Once you're done, head inside The Digsite with Ceo and Bohai.

You can't get in through the main entrance, so will need to dive underwater and follow the illuminated path into a burst pipe. The first turbine to your left will stop and start, so position yourself carefully and then swim through when it pauses. Head into the room on the left and interact with the console to turn off the next turbine. Swim past it and head through into Thebes. You can explore the living quarters here, including the gym, and pick up any Datapoints by scanning them with your Focus. Once you've made it to the main bunker room, let the Quen inside by interacting with the console next to the front door.

Head deep into Thebes alongside Ceo, Bohai, and Alva. Once you get into the large room with Faro's statue, be careful, because there are Corrupters waiting for you. You can kill these with Fire damage. Go deeper into Thebes and scan the Medical Chair for a Hologram Datapoint. Then continue deeper into the facility. At the locked door use your Pullcaster on the vent just to the right and enter the room on the other side. Interact with the console. Then fight the Quen and escape from Thebes to complete the quest.

Objective Log

  • Find Alva
  • Investigate the Quen Outpost
  • Examine the Boat
  • Go to Legacy's Landfall
  • Go to Thebes
  • Kill the Thunderjaw
  • Talk to Alva
  • Enter Thebes
  • Find an Entrance to Thebes
  • Open the Main Door
  • Search Thebes for Omega Clearance
  • Kill the Corruptors
  • Scan the Device
  • Recover Ted Faro's Omega Clearance
  • Kill the Bodyguards
  • Escape Thebes

Faro's Tomb: Side Quests and Errands

Faro's Tomb: Audio Datapoints Obtained

  • RIP Grigori
  • New Normal?
  • About Grigori
  • Brianna
  • What Grigori Did
  • Controlled Environment
  • Power Over
  • Last Judgement
  • Alone

Faro's Tomb: Hologram Datapoints Obtained

  • Longevity

Faro's Tomb: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • Grigori Fasbach's Journal
  • Ted's Getting Impatient
  • Fasbach
  • Reactor Report

Faro's Tomb: Rewards

  • 20,800 XP
  • 2 Skill Points

Faro's Tomb: Notes

Completing Faro's Tomb unlocks the Discovered Faro's Fate Trophy.

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