A Tribe Apart is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by Emboh at Plainsong. You'll likely discover it during Faro's Tomb. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about A Tribe Apart.

A Tribe Apart: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: A Tribe Apart Guide 1
Speak to Emboh, who's tending fields within the lower area of Plainsong.
Type Description Recommended Level
Side Quest An Utaru, Jaxx, seeks to help a squad of Tenakth who are a long way from home. But Tenakth are dangerous to approach without backup. 15
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A Tribe Apart: Walkthrough

Travel way south of Plainsong, beneath Stone's Echo. Follow Sokorra to Riverwatch, then kill the Burrowers and Glinthawks. Speak to your allies, then use Pullcaster to break wall and enter Riverwatch. Open the Metal Flower and use the Vine Cutter to open up a new path. Climb up then shoot out the hanging platform with an arrow to break down the wooden wall and access a crate. Drag it into position to climb higher up and get to the top of the tower for a chest with supplies.

Once you have the supplies you'll need to help Jaxx and Sokorra with a Widemaw and a couple of Leaplashers. Return to the cave to complete the quest.

Objective Log

  • Talk to Jaxx
  • Enter the Cave
  • Follow Sokorra
  • Go to Riverwatch
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to Jaxx and Sokorra (Optional)
  • Enter Riverwatch
  • Loot the War Chest
  • Find Jaxx and Sokorra
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to Jaxx and Sokorra
  • Return to Eagle Squad

A Tribe Apart: Rewards

  • 4,125 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 1 Tenakth Vindicator

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