Seeds of the Past is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows The Eye of the Earth. You can choose to tackle The Broken Sky, The Sea of Sands, or Seeds of the Past in the order you choose. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Seeds of the Past.

Seeds of the Past: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of the Past Guide 1
Once you've completed The Broken Sky and The Sea of Sands, Varl will demand your attention as part of Seeds of the Past in The Base.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest To recover DEMETER, one of GAIA's lost subordinate functions, Aloy must traverse a vast expanse of wilderness to reach the far western coast. 24

Seeds of the Past: Walkthrough

If you've already done The Broken Sky and The Sea of Sands, meet with Varl and chat with Beta. Then head southwest of The Bulwark where you'll be ambushed by the Quen. Kill them and head inside FAS Biotech, or The Greenhouse, which is a Faro research facility. Head to the end of the corridor where DEMETER's coordinates come from, but there are vines blocking the way.

To the left of DEMETER is separate room with a wall you can pull down using your Pullcaster, then another vent you can get inside. Climb the elevator shaft and interact with the console to get another Hologram Datapoint. Then rappel down and either kill the Quen marines or sneak past them to the facility on the other side. Speak with Alva and head into the underground tunnels. Once you reach a dead-end, use the Pullcaster on a blue grate to open up a pathway. Then deal with the machines outside, including Longlegs, Tracker Burrowers, and Clawstriders, the latter of which are weak to Frost damage.

Head to Test Station Elm, shooting down the ladder on the side around the corner to reach the upper-platform. You can hop across the exposed pillars and use the Pullcaster on the hatch to get inside. Drop down to the lower-level and pull out the carts. Behind one is a key. Use the key to reveal an additional cart which Alva can climb onto her, and drag her around to the far side of the room. Pull out the new trolley and get the Power Cell. Then look for a vent you can open with your Pullcaster on the side of the room you came in through. Climb through and use Firegleam to blow a hole in the wall, then carry the Power Cell through and use it on the power point. Meet with Alva and watch the cut-scene, before heading into the tunnels and following them around to an exit ladder.

Once out you'll have to fight a Dreadwing, which is vulnerable to Fire damage. There are several explosive cannisters around the arena, so try to lure it towards those in order to set the machine on fire. Then interact with the console in the next room and follow the corridor around to the workbench to craft the Vine Cutter. Return to DEMETER's location and open up the Metal Flower by striking it with your spear. Grab DEMETER and return to GAIA at the base to complete the quest.

Objective Log

  • Go to DEMETER'S Coordinates
  • Kill the Ambushers
  • Go to DEMETER'S Coordinates
  • Search the Facility
  • Examine the Console
  • Find Test Station Ivy
  • Kill the Strangers
  • Enter the Facility
  • Examine the Paired Console
  • Enter the Facility Tunnels
  • Search the Tunnels for an Exit
  • Find an Entrance to Test Station Elm
  • Search Test Station Elm
  • Restore Power to the Control Room door
  • Return to Alva
  • Examine the Paired Console
  • Enter the Tunnels
  • Search the Tunnels for an Exit
  • Find an Entrance to Test Station Ivy
  • Kill the Dreadwing
  • Search Test Station Ivy
  • Craft the Vine Cutter
  • Return to the Data Core
  • Destroy the Metal Flower's Vines
  • Enter the Data Core
  • Recover DEMETER
  • Return to the Base

Seeds of the Past: Hologram Datapoints Obtained

  • Adamantine Wreath
  • Test Log: Elm
  • Too Late

Seeds of the Past: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • A Difficult Beginning
  • Growing Concern
  • Feeding the World
  • Marjane Nafishi Has Resigned
  • Admin_Wrth/Brn_Dream_1
  • Admin_Wrth/Brn_Dream_2
  • Admin_Wrth/Brn_Dream_3
  • Admin_Wrth/Brn_Dream_4

Seeds of the Past: Special Gear Obtained

Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of the Past Guide 17
Vine Cutter
Installed on the spear, this code module can be used to dissolve a Metal Flower's vines.

Seeds of the Past: Rewards

  • 12,000 XP
  • 2 Skill Points

Seeds of the Past: Notes

Completing Seeds of the Past unlocks the Recovered DEMETER Trophy.

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