Lofty Ambitions is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by Morlund near to Hidden Embers. You'll likely discover it during Faro's Tomb. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Lofty Ambitions.

Lofty Ambitions: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Lofty Ambitions Guide 1
Speak to Morlund, who's located opposite Hidden Embers, around the perimeter of the dome.
Type Description Recommended Level
Side Quest Morlund has set his sights on the skies. He just needs an Old World device to make his latest and greatest invention work. 24

Lofty Ambitions: Walkthrough

Go up the stairs to use the elevator down into Dunehollow. Once you're in the main casino area, head to the opposite side of where you fought the Tideripper, where the lights create a kind of castle illusion. Head inside and Aloy will immediately point out the dragon statue with the Burner. Unfortunately you can't reach it yet. Use your Pullcaster to open up a vent on the opposite wall to where you came in, and then squeeze through the gap. Ignite the Firegleam and drag the crate out, which you can then use to reach the second level of the room.

Above you is another crate you can drag down with your Pullcaster, which you can prop up against the back wall to reach the exposed pillars. Platform to the other side, grabbing a beam with your Pullcaster to make it across. At the end of the corridor is a vent you can open with your Pullcaster. Climb up it to the third floor and then jump onto the dragon statue to get the Burner.

Once you jump back down you'll be attacked by Apex Tracker Burrowers, so make sure you're prepared. Focus on their weak points and detaching their parts. Then head back to the elevator to get out of the casino and speak to Morlund. Take the hot air balloon ride, until you crash, and then fight the Scrappers and Longlegs. Morlund is on the top of a pile of rocks, and you'll need to pry him free then follow him.

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Finally, you'll need to fight a Stormbird. Use Acid damage to subdue it and Critical Hit it when it's stunned on the floor. Once you've killed it, speak to Morlund to complete the quest.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Ruin with the Dragon Statue
  • Gather the Burner
  • Deliver the Burner to Morlund
  • Enjoy the Rider
  • Find Morlund
  • Kill the Machines
  • Free Morlund
  • Follow Morlund
  • Search for a Way Across the Chasm
  • Kill the Stormbird

Lofty Ambitions: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • Burner Maintenance Report
  • MIA Hellraise - Psychic Inferno

Lofty Ambitions: Rewards

  • 7,800 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 1 Oseram Striker

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