Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung is a Trailblaze Mission in Honkai: Star Rail which is part of the Windswept Wanderlust quest line. As part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung.

Honkai: Star Rail: Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung

Honkai: Star Rail: Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung 1
Image: Push Square
Type Location Description
Trailblaze Mission

The Xianzhou Luofu
Having arrived at the Stargazer Navalia, you begin searching for Kafka and the hunt is on. Prey always leaves behind traces of its presence unwittingly, and now is the time to hone your hunting skills and determine whether the traces you find belong to the prey or not.

Objective Log

  • Search for any clues that may be related to Kafka
  • After collecting clues related Kafka, start tracking her
  • Use Diting to track down Kafka's whereabouts
  • Chase Kafka
  • Reach the other side of the gate and continue to track Kafka
  • Find another path to pursue Kafka
  • Head to the Exalting Sanctum Plaza
  • Stroll around the Exalting Sanctum Plaza and look for the messenger sent by Fu Xuan

Enemies Encountered

  • None


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