Lingering Shadows is a Trailblaze Mission in Honkai: Star Rail which is part of the Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow quest line. As part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Lingering Shadows.

Honkai: Star Rail: Lingering Shadows

Honkai: Star Rail: Lingering Shadows 1
Image: Push Square
Type Location Description
Trailblaze Mission
Herta Space Station
New crisis — the Doomsday Beast is coming, and it seems that you've become some sort of "key element". If you want to get out of this predicament and save the space station from destruction, the only way may be to head to the railway platform and meet up with the Express and the man named Welt.

Objective Log

  • Clear the obstacles and continue forward
  • Find a way to leave the spare parts warehouse
  • Reach the railway platform as quickly as possible
  • Search for Himeko
  • Go to Herta's office
  • Talk to Herta

Enemies Encountered

  • Baryon (Maximum Level: 5)
  • Voidranger: Distorter (Maximum Level: 5)
  • Voidranger: Reaver (Maximum Level: 5)
  • Doomsday Beast (Maximum Level: 7)


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