Looking for an Old Friends walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? Old Friends is the third quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full Old Friends walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends Walkthrough

Now that you've completed The Quest for Tyr, it's time to move on as Atreus in Old Friends. You'll exit the Mystic Gateway at the very beginning of this chapter in a familiar part of Midgard: the Shores of the Nine. Follow Sindri down the cliff face, and open the yellow chest along the way. The door is sealed here, but you can use Sonic Arrows to blast your way through. Continue to follow Sindri. On the right are a couple of ledges you can climb up. Shoot the oil cannister at the top to reveal a red chest with Hacksilver, Beast Scraps, and Rawhide inside.

Continue to follow Sindri. There are a bunch of hanging buckets and barrels you can shoot for resources along the path, including Slag Deposits. Once you reach the blockage, fire a Sonic Arrow to dismantle part of the debris. Then double back and shoot the other side of the blockage to blow a path open. Crawl through and prepare for combat. Atreus can use his Sonic Arrows to stun enemies, then attack them in close-quarters. You can also call upon Sindri's help for additional combo opportunities by pushing the square button.

Approach the elevator's switch and wait to see if Sindri can fix it. Ride your way to the top and step off for a cutscene. Once the cinematic is over, head through the door at the rear of the area you just entered. Atreus doesn't quite have Kratos' strength, so leave Sindri to prise it open. Slip through and open the red chest to the immediate right, which includes Hacksilver and resources. Follow the tunnel down and deal with any Draugrs, then ignite the flammable pot to open another red chest. At the foot of the tunnel is a wooden barrier you can dislodge with a Sonic Arrow, so slip through.

Drop down the ledge, and catch Sindri at the bottom. You'll split up from Sindri here, so climb up the wall and then across to the other side. A Draugr will attack you while you navigate the wall, so target an arrow at the Fire Pot to quickly take him out. Keep climbing until you get to two pillars you can squeeze through. There are some barrels on the other side with Hacksilver inside, so detonate those and keep moving forward. Follow the path down and defeat the Draugrs, then fire a Sonic Arrow at the wooden blockade at the bottom of the path. Before jumping across, shoot the Fire Pot on the ledge to the right, allowing you to get an angle on the Sound Stone on the other side. There's another Fire Pot just behind here you can shoot to open up a path to a red chest. Then jump across and climb through.

Once you've completed the lengthy climbing section, you'll end up in another arena with many Draugrs. Defeat them all, paying particular attention to the ones on ledges. You can use a Sonic Arrow to collapse some of the structure here, allowing you to attack them head-on. Once you're done, open the yellow chest and continue to climb. As you enter the tunnel at the top, some floating spirits will ambush you, so be sure to dispatch of those. Take care of the Draugrs once you get outside and observe the camp fire on the horizon.

Continue to follow the relatively linear path, dealing with any enemies along the way. You'll face off against some stronger Draugrs here, who will have a shield to block your arrows. Basically you need to wait for an opening to strike them, and then make the most of it when you do. Continue forward into the temple-like building, and on the right is a Fire Pot you can shoot to reveal a red chest just outside. There's Hacksilver, Slag Deposits, and Beast Scraps in here. Push onwards through the tunnels, and just beyond a red chest, you'll have the opportunity to chat with Sindri again. Throw a snowball at him if you fancy it.

Once you're done chatting with Sindri, squeeze through the big door, and then climb towards the camp fire you spotted earlier. It's time for a catch up, so watch the cutscene and see what transpires. Then, once it's over, climb up the metal chain directly in front of you. There's a chest at the top with an Accessory inside.

Shimmy across the wall on the way back to Sindri. Climb all the way down and interact with his workshop before you're rudely interrupted by a lot more enemies. Once you're done with the battle, retrace your steps from earlier. You'll continue to get ambushed, so keep up your guard. As you make your way back to the Mystic Gateway, Sindri will share some dark secrets with you so listen carefully. After a group of Draugrs, you'll reach an elevator, so take it up. At the top is the Mystic Gateway, so go on through.

When you get home, head through the front door to meet with Kratos and Tyr once more. It's time to eat! This will complete Old Friends, with your next destination being Alfheim. Once you've finished eating, get up, this time as Kratos, and head to the Mystic Gateway to travel to Alfheim. You'll be temporarily interrupted by Ratatoskr. He'll give you an Yggdrasil Seed, unlocking a Favour named The Eyes of Odin in Niflheim. If you want to tackle that now you can, otherwise you can continue onwards to Alfheim. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will continue to Alfheim, which begins the Groa's Secret quest.

God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends Objectives

  • Enter the Mystic Gateway
  • Speak with Jormungandr
  • Speak with Freya
  • Head back to the Mystic Gateway
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God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends Rewards

  • Atreus: 750 XP

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