5. Puzzling Places (PS5)

You may not have predicted PSVR2 would be the perfect peripheral for jigsaw puzzles, but Puzzling Places is an immaculately executed experience that’s unbelievably addictive on Sony’s new headset. Inspired by a huge number of real-world locations, buildings, and monuments, the game sees you connecting 3D pieces to build wonderfully detailed scenes. You can set the number of pieces, making a puzzle as easy or difficult as you like, and each one is enhanced by diegetic audio which provides a calming sense of place as you piece together the parts.

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4. The Pedestrian (PS5)

There are a zillion platformers out there, but how many take place across various warning and traffic signs? Probably just one — namely The Pedestrian. This is a 2D puzzle platformer that tasks you with reaching the "exit" of each sign, which then connects to another in a 3D environment. That little man who appears on all sorts of signage and iconography we see every day needs your help to reach his goal, and you'll go through all kinds of inventive puzzles to do so. It's not particularly long, but while it lasts, this is an inventive and unique indie title worth checking out.

3. Toem (PS5)

Toem takes the idea of a game about photography and twists it into something unique. Framed as a cutesy, top-down adventure game, you play as a young explorer on a pilgrimage to the mountaintop, snapping photos along the way. You can whip out your camera at any point, and the game swaps to first-person, giving you a new perspective on the black-and-white world. Helping out a colourful cast of characters, discovering all sorts of cool secrets, and solving imaginative puzzles mean this short but sweet indie game stands out.

2. Tetris Effect (PS5)

Tetris Effect was great on PS4, but its PS5 version just takes things up a notch. Merging that classic falling block game with mesmerising visuals and entrancing music, it's an amazing experience that truly sings in 4K and HDR. We'd highly recommend playing it on your TV, but it's also brilliant in PSVR2. There's little sacrifice to picture quality, and the extra immersion you feel with the special effects swirling all around you is awesome. With so many modes to enjoy, this is the ultimate Tetris experience on PlayStation.

1. It Takes Two (PS5)

When you think of co-op games, one should spring to mind immediately: It Takes Two. This action adventure is from the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, and sees you and a partner take on the role of an estranged couple. Turned into dolls by their daughter's tears, you and a friend must go on a wildly imaginative, endlessly varied, adventure to return to normal. Constantly presenting you with new puzzles and ideas, each as good as the last, you'll never grow weary of this brilliant game, playable locally or online.

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