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  • News Overwatch 2 Supports 120fps on PS5, Different Performance Options and VRR

    Let's up the tempo

    Overwatch 2 is taking full advantage of the power of the PS5, and gamers will be able to play the team-based hero shooter at an eye-watering 120fps (provided you have a TV that supports 120hz). We learned this information after Redditor packersfan1290 posted a screenshot on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, and this was later confirmed...

  • Guide Overwatch 2 Beta: Dates, Times, and How to Play

    When does the Overwatch 2 Beta start?

    What are the dates and times for the Overwatch 2 beta test on PS5 and PS4? How do you access the Overwatch 2 beta? Blizzard has finally revealed more information about its upcoming hero shooter sequel, which is due to launch as a free-to-play game this October. However, much sooner than that is a beta test,...

  • News Overwatch 2 Will Completely Replace the Original Upon Launch on PS5, PS4

    No going back

    Precisely what Overwatch 2 is has been a question on the lips of fans since its announcement. It's billed as a sequel, but the way Blizzard has spoken about it in the past made it sound more like a glorified game update. Now we know the hero shooter is finally coming soon, a hazy detail has now been clarified. When it launches, it will...

  • News Overwatch 2 Outlines Roadmap for PS5, PS4 Launch and Beyond

    Live service longevity

    As you’ll no doubt be aware, for the biggest multiplayer games, launch day is just the beginning. Overwatch 2 is certainly adopting this mantra with its PS5 and PS4 rollout on 4th October. With the first-person shooter still four months away, Blizzard has already outlined what you can expect from the release’s first two...

  • News Overwatch 2 Beta Will Let You Play Early on PS5, PS4 This Month

    Sign-ups starting soon

    Activision Blizzard is finally getting things moving with Overwatch 2. The free-to-play hero shooter sequel is now confirmed to release in October for PS5 and PS4 in early access, so we're just a few months away from giving it a shot. However, if you're really curious, you'll be interested to hear about its upcoming beta test...

  • News Overwatch 2 Will Be Free-to-Play on PS5, PS4

    Early Access arrives on 4th October

    The Snitch strikes again! Overwatch 2’s play of the game is to go free-to-play on PS5 and PS4, with Early Access scheduled to get underway from 4th October. The previous Overwatch game was a full-price release, but with fierce competition from the likes of Fortnite and even PC-based titles like Valorant,...


  • News Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 Delayed, Seemingly to 2023

    Blizzard blockbusters pushed back

    Activision Blizzard, the mega-publisher behind some of gaming's most popular franchises, has just delayed two key releases. In the company's latest quarterly financial report, it's stated that Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 have been pushed back. These two games are Blizzard's most hotly anticipated titles, and both...


  • News Overwatch 2 PvP Now 5 vs. 5, New Maps Revealed

    Tank class loses a slot

    Blizzard hosted an Overwatch 2 multiplayer reveal livestream overnight, and in it detailed a rather dramatic change coming in the future to the setup of online brawls. Matches will now contain two teams of five instead of the previous six, with the Tank class losing one of its slots when players can pick the character they...


  • News Don't Expect Diablo 4 or Overwatch 2 to Launch This Year

    Activision rules both out

    During its latest earnings call, Activision confirmed that neither Diablo 4 nor Overwatch 2 will launch this year. The two titles were originally announced back at BlizzCon 2019 and have been completely missing in action ever since, and 2021 doesn't appear to be the right time for them either. That doesn't rule out more...