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Godfall News


  • News PS5 Console Exclusive Godfall Is, Er, Coming to PS4


    Look, it’s easy to poke fun, but there are a lot of people still playing on PlayStation 4 and… Aw, who are we kidding, this is pretty funny. PS5 console exclusive Godfall is coming to PS4 on 10th August, in a bizarre example of a game effectively getting a downgrade rather than an upgrade. If you do choose to play on Sony’s last-gen...


  • News Next-Gen Showcase Godfall Seems Poised for PS4

    Generational divides

    Love it or loathe it, Godfall was definitely billed as a PlayStation 5 showcase. As a result, the title attracted some unfortunate expectations: it was clearly developed by a smaller team on a restricted budget, but was meant to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony’s next-gen console. Unfortunately, it never quite lived up to...





  • News Thanks to PS5, Godfall Has Near Instant Restarts if You Die

    Back to the fight

    Losing in a game is bad enough, but it's even worse when you know that you've got to sit and look at a loading screen for the next 30 seconds. Fortunately, as we all know, the PS5 is looking to eliminate long load times with its super fast custom SSD — and launch title Godfall is taking full advantage. Writing on the PlayStation...

  • News Godfall's Loot and Upgrade Systems Detailed with New Video

    The tinkerer's dream

    If you like your games to keep you hooked with the promise of bigger and better loot, Godfall could well be the PlayStation 5 launch title for you. Developer Counterplay Games has shared some new details on the game's loot and upgrade systems, and you can see some of it in action with this new video from IGN. As a self-titled...

  • News Here Is the First Ever PS5 Game, Hot Off the Press

    Boxed and sealed

    Here’s a photograph of Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford holding the first ever PlayStation 5 game, straight from the Blu-ray manufacturing plant. According to the executive, this copy of Godfall is the “first next-gen retail game in the world”, which is pretty cool to be fair. He’s even photographed the packaging from a variety...

  • News PS5 Console Exclusive Godfall Requires an Internet Connection

    But developer insists it's not a service game

    You’ll need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall when it launches on 12th November, and that’s despite the developer’s insistence that it’s not a “service game”. Confirmation comes courtesy of the release’s Twitter account, after fans spotted an...


  • News Godfall's Cinematic Opening Is Way More Hype Than We Expected

    Good god

    PS5 launch title Godfall got one of its best gameplay showings just a few weeks back, and now it's here with a cinematic opening that lasts two and a half minutes. Honestly, we didn't have any expectations for this video, but bloody hell, it's actually really good. While we're not always keen on CG trailers, there are certainly times when...

  • News Godfall Ascended Edition Reveals First PS5 Expansion for 2021

    Plus pre-order bonuses

    You didn't think Counterplay Games would release Godfall as part of the PlayStation 5 launch and then call it a day, did you? Of course not! A more expensive version of the game, titled the Ascended Edition, has revealed it will receive at least one piece of DLC in 2021 that will expand the experience with new content. What's...

  • News PS5 Console Exclusive Godfall Goes Gold Ahead of Launch

    Fall gods

    Counterplay Games has concluded development on PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall, ahead of its release on 12th November in the United States and select other territories; the melee based looter will launch on 19th November in other regions. Gearbox, who’s publishing the game, has promised more information on PS5 pre-orders in the...

  • News Godfall Gets Its Best PS5 Trailer Yet

    If at first you don't succeed

    We’ve been watching Godfall trailers to the point of frustration since the title was announced as the first ever PlayStation 5 game last year, but this is a small developer that’s been handed a huge opportunity, so let’s cut it some slack. To be fair, this is by far the best promo video that’s been released for...


  • News Godfall Is Making the Most of PS5's Unique Controller Features


    Following the title's in-depth gameplay showing during Sony's latest State of Play livestream, Godfall developer Counterplay Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog in order to explain how the action RPG "feels". The PS5's DualSense controller is being taken into consideration here, and it sounds like Godfall is going to take full advantage...

  • News Godfall Finally Gets In-Depth PS5 Gameplay

    Thank Godfall for that

    It feels like we've been waiting an age to see some proper Godfall action, and the latest State of Play livestream finally delivered. The self-titled 'looter-slasher' shows real promise in this new gameplay video, as footage highlights combat against a range of different enemies. Equipped with a very God of War shield and a...


  • News PS5's Godfall Won't Have Microtransactions

    And it's not a service game

    Ever since it was announced, PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall has been described as a melee-themed Destiny. According to a new interview with technical producer Richard Heyne, however, that’s not the case. Speaking with Arekkz Gaming, he explained that the next-gen release will not adopt the divisive “games as...

  • News How PS5 Launch Game Godfall Makes Full Use of the DualSense Controller

    Vibrations mimic surfaces

    Did you really think we'd pass on the opportunity to talk about the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller just a little bit more? Of course we wouldn't, and that's because one of the launch titles for Sony's next-gen machine will be making full use of its features. Not only will Godfall take advantage of the PS5 SSD, it also...

  • News Godfall Cover Art Released Following PS5 Box Reveal

    Lookin' good

    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the first PlayStation 5 game to show off its official box art, and now we have a second. Joining the Insomniac Games superhero adventure at the PS5's launch will be Godfall from Gearbox Publishing. The looter slasher has just had its cover art unveiled, and here it is: We think this actual


  • News Here's Even More Godfall Gameplay Detailing Combat

    It's actually Unreal Engine 4

    Update: D'oh! It looks like the PC Gaming Show got this one wrong. The official Godfall Twitter account has now stated that the PS5 game is actually running on Unreal Engine 4. Original story: After wowing us last month with its stunning visuals and impressive technology, it has been confirmed that PlayStation 5...

  • News Godfall Gets a PS5 Gameplay Trailer

    Lookin' God

    Some of us were expecting a Godfall gameplay blowout during Sony's PS5 reveal event, but all we actually got was the brief trailer that we've embedded above. Still, the glimpse of gameplay that we do have looks very promising, as player characters hack, slash, and dodge their way through some cool looking enemies. The combat looks...

  • News PS5 Looter-Slasher Godfall Gets Silvermane Teaser Trailer Ahead of Sony Event

    More incoming?

    Godfall, the action RPG that's bound for PlayStation 5 at launch, seems to be kicking into gear. Just days ahead of Sony's PS5 games reveal event, we've been presented this brief 'Silvermane' teaser trailer. It's reasonable to assume that Godfall will be a part of the aforementioned event. After all, developer



  • News Godfall PS5 News Coming 'Really, Really Soon'

    But how soon?

    Gearbox has just wrapped up its panel at PAX East, and perhaps surprisingly, PlayStation 5 title Godfall put in an appearance. The audience was treated to the same announcement trailer from the game's reveal at The Game Awards, but what was most interesting is what Counterplay Games had to say after the fact. According to the team, it...