Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 7th Oct 2021
  • EU 7th Oct 2021
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Controller Support
Feature Support


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Song in the Smoke News

About The Game

Enter the deadly yet beautiful world of Song in the Smoke, an immersive survival adventure for PlayStation VR.

Find a way to survive the night in a treacherous forest stalked by hungry beasts. Will you go on the offensive and craft weapons to take the fight to the enemy? Or go on the defensive and build a fire to keep them at bay? Or explore your surroundings and find a better campsite? These are just a few of the decision you’ll need to make if you’re going to make it through the night.

As you explore your environment, learn its secrets, and battle its predators, you’ll do more than survive – you’ll start to thrive. Then you can start to make plans to move onwards towards the mysterious giant tree in the distance, spurred on by visions of a strange shaman who seems to dwell in another world.