Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition


PlayStation 4
2K Games
Hangar 13


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User Ratings: 44

Our Review: 7/10

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  • Game of the Year Top 10 PS5, PS4 Soundtracks of 2020

    Greatest hits

    The end of the year tends to bring with it lots of work. Lots of articles to write, lots of games to gush about. And one of the fun ones every year is our countdown of the best game music of the year. We'll be going over what we felt were the ten best soundtracks to grace a PlayStation console in 2020. 10. Vader Immortal: A Star Wars...


  • News First Mafia: Definitive Edition Update Adds Noir Mode

    HUD options, bug fixes too

    Following on from its release last month, Mafia: Definitive Edition receives its first update on PlayStation 4 today. The patch adds a new Noir Mode that overhauls gameplay and cutscenes with a visual style ripped straight out of 1930s cinema, more content for Free Ride, custom HUD options, and bug fixes. The biggest...




  • News Mafia Definitive Edition Isn't Going Open World, Still Has a Linear Story

    An accurate remake

    The original Mafia is being remade from the ground up on current-gen consoles, and going by the most recent gameplay footage, it's looking pretty good. Titled Mafia: Definitive Edition, there has been some concern among existing fans that the remake might be adopting the open world formula of something like Mafia III, but director...

  • News Mafia: Definitive Edition Looking Good in 14 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

    Tommy gun

    We've all been curious to see Mafia: Definitive Edition in action, especially after those gorgeous screenshots. Courtesy of IGN, we now have a lengthy video to watch, giving us about 14 minutes of gameplay and cutscenes. The visuals look pretty damn good, and it's obviously a significant step up from the 2002 original. As developer Hangar...

  • News Mafia: Definitive Edition Delayed to Late September

    Extended look in two weeks

    If you thought we had come out the other side of delays related to COVID-19, you might want to think again. Mafia: Definitive Edition, which was originally scheduled to launch next month, has been delayed to 25th September 2020. Developer Hangar 13 cites the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the reason why, but it hopes to...


  • News Mafia: Definitive Edition Looks Incredible in First Trailer

    Redesigned world

    Seriously, how has developer Hangar 13 managed this? Mafia: Definitive Edition looks absolutely amazing in this first, proper trailer for the PlayStation 4 remake. It may be a short but sweet one, but the world of the PlayStation 2 original is said to be redesigned to make driving easier and more manageable. Facial scanning and...