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Days Gone


PlayStation 4
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Bend Studio


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User Ratings: 202

Our Review: 7/10

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  • News Play Days Gone on the Broken Road with Steam Deck Support

    On your bike

    Sony’s Bend Studio has a long history with handhelds, having been one of the flag bearers for both the PSP and PS Vita generations, before transitioning back to consoles with Days Gone. There’s little surprise, then, that it’s gone the extra mile to verify Deacon St John’s debut for the Steam Deck, meaning that it’s been...


  • News Days Gone's Reported 8 Million Sales Not Necessarily Accurate

    But director Jeff Ross stands by numbers

    Update: We thought this story was perhaps over, but apparently not. Since conducting yesterday's interview with David Jaffe, director Jeff Ross has posted on Twitter: "I stand by my numbers." At this point, we're probably never going to know how many units Days Gone sold unless Sony explicitly tells us. Not...

  • News Days Gone Also Sold Over 8 Million Copies on PS4, Claims Director

    Probably over 10 million at this point

    Ghost of Tsushima was celebrated at CES 2022 for selling over eight million copies to date, which is an impressive number no doubt. There’s always been a perception that fellow first-party open worlder Days Gone was a bit of a disappointment in terms of its commercial performance, but director Jeff Ross


  • News Sony Bend's New PS5 IP Will Build on Days Gone's Open World

    Team is "very, very passionate" about it

    The new intellectual property in development at Days Gone developer Sony Bend will “build on the deep open world systems” that the team created for its popular post-apocalyptic title. As we already know, the Japanese giant decided not to green light a sequel to Deacon St John’s story, but PlayStation...



  • News Days Gone Is Coming to PC

    And it won't be the last

    Oh boy, you're probably not going to like this one. In a new interview with GQ, it's been confirmed that Days Gone is making the jump to PC. Sony has shown interest in bringing some of its exclusive titles to the PC market, and it did so last year with Horizon Zero Dawn. Apparently, Deacon St. John's post-apocalyptic...


  • News Pro Days Gone Player Is Beating Entire Hordes Without Firing a Bullet

    Impressive stuff, Deacon

    Days Gone is what you'd consider a fan favourite of the PlayStation 4 generation, and its hardcore community is still pulling off impressive feats in-game more than 18 months after launch. Just take Reddit user SpawnicusRex, for example, who has been detailing their efforts to kill off entire hordes of Freakers without...

  • News Days Gone Runs at 60 Frames-Per-Second, Dynamic 4K on PS5

    The not-so broken road

    Days Gone will take advantage of Sony’s next-gen hardware at launch, running at “up to 60 frames-per-second in dynamic 4K” on the PlayStation 5. The title was previously locked at 30 frames-per-second on the PS4 Pro, and utilised a checkerboard rendering solution to resolve a 4K image. What does this mean in...


  • News Days Gone Gets Huge 25GB Update Ahead of PS5

    Get the patch notes here

    The PlayStation 4 titles included in the PS Plus Collection will all take advantage of the PlayStation 5 Game Boost feature with improved framerates and load times, and Days Gone appears to be preparing itself for that right now. The Sony Bend-developed title has just received a gigantic 25GB patch on PS4 that is being...


  • Random This Days Gone Kill Is Deviously Deadly

    Clever killer

    One of the best things about PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is how its various systems can combine to allow for emergent gameplay experiences. In the embedded GIF – shared on Reddit by user BitterBubblegum – protagonist Deacon St John is shown using an explosive to both distract a human enemy and lure an undead crowd. He then...

  • News Days Gone Expert Clears Entire Horde without Firing a Single Shot

    Horde my drink

    The best thing about PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is that it allows you to play in a multitude of different ways. If you want to approach a situation in stealth then that’s perfectly viable; alternatively, you can equip yourself with as many firearms as possible, and go guns blazing like an 80s action hero. In this video, one...



  • News Days Gone Patch 1.61 Reduces the Game's File Size

    That's a solid

    Sony Bend's impressive, free support of PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is set to continue today by doing it's community a real solid. Patch 1.61 should be available to download on your console right now, and it actually reduces the game's overall size -- leaving you with more room for other PS4 title's to take up. Detailed over on...





  • News Sony's Sending Out a Free Days Gone Theme to Those Who Got the Platinum Trophy

    Only in the US, though

    Sony seems to like sending free PlayStation 4 dynamic themes to those players that did everything there is to do in its games, and it appears that Days Gone is no different. If you got the Platinum Trophy in Deacon St. John's inaugural adventure, you may have a sweet theme sitting in your inbox right now if you reside in the...

  • News Days Gone 1.4 Patch Adds Gyro-Aiming, More Challenges, and General Fixes

    Four more challenges added

    The post-launch support for PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone continues with patch 1.40, which adds even more accessibility options to the game, a number of fixes to bugs and glitches, and even more free challenges. It's available for download on PS4 right now. The headline addition is gyro-aiming, a feature that allows...

  • News Days Gone's Seventh Free DLC Challenge Infested Arrives

    A nest burning quest

    Days Gone has reloaded with yet another free DLC challenge, and this one’s named Infested. Much like the title’s previous score-based missions, this one sees you confronting never-ending waves of Freakers – except the twist is that you’ll be burning out nests in order to create zones which will net you extra points. As...

  • News Days Gone Is the UK's Best-Selling New IP of 2019

    Broken road

    Days Gone came in for plenty of criticism from some corners of the Internet prior to its release, but it’s actually the best-selling new IP of the year in the UK. New research from the Entertainment Retail Association – which sources physical game sales data and digital estimates – reveals that the moody open world exclusive sold...

  • News By the Way, Days Gone Is Basically Crazy Taxi Now

    The apocalypse has a Tower Records

    We’re not sure if you know this, but Days Gone just added a Crazy Taxi minigame. No, we’re being dead serious: the title’s latest free DLC challenge sees you riding a golf cart around Belknap, picking up passengers and dropping them off at locations around the map. You’ll need to keep your clients happy,...


  • News PS4 Exclusives Cross Paths with Free Uncharted 4 Bike Skins in Days Gone

    Ride it like you stole it

    Bend Studio seems to be putting an awful lot of effort into post-launch support for its popular PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. The open world survival game has been getting regular new challenges lately, adding even more to do in the already huge adventure. Its latest addition to the game is a set of new skins for...

  • News Days Gone 1.30 Patch Adds Accessibility Options and Even More Challenges

    Three more challenges in August

    Yet another patch for Days Gone has just gone live, bringing with it a huge selection of accessibility options as well as support for three more optional challenges arriving in August. Update 1.30 now allows you to invert the horizontal camera, camera follow tracking now works correctly, you can disable the Dualshock...

  • News Days Gone Reloads with Fourth Free Challenge Map

    Ambush Camp Rush available now

    Another week is tiptoeing towards its conclusion, and that means Days Gone’s fourth free challenge map is out now. Named the Ambush Camp Rush, it’s based upon a mission from the main campaign – but now there’s a timer and sub-objectives to complete. As always, leaderboards will allow you to compare your score...

  • News Days Gone 1.25 Patch Drops as First Motorcycle Challenge Drifts In

    Drifter's run

    The post-release support for Days Gone has proved both a blessing and a curse. Sony Bend has done a brilliant job of addressing criticism levelled at the PlayStation 4 exclusive open worlder promptly, but those 15GB updates sure do start to add up. Your bandwidth is about to take another battering regardless, as the Oregon-based...

  • News Days Gone's Second Free DLC Challenge Available Now

    Murder some Marauders

    We’re very impressed with Days Gone’s slate of free DLC, so here’s a heads up to let you know that the second challenge has now unlocked. This one sees you working against waves of Marauders, gathering up items that are dropped in order to help you to survive. As with the first week, you’ll be able to compete against...