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The Crew


PlayStation 4
Ivory Tower


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User Ratings: 22

Our Review: 6/10

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  • Gamescom 2015 Ubisoft's Still Trying to Flog The Crew

    Publisher overhauling PS4 racer's visuals

    We weren't all that enamoured with The Crew when it released on the PlayStation 4 last year, but kudos to Ubisoft, it's not pumping the brakes on the brand just yet. In fact, upcoming expansion Wild Ride is more than just your average DLC pack – it's going to launch alongside a brand new graphics engine...


  • Video How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Faring on PS4?

    Rocky road

    Words are overrated. We were going to pen a big lengthy article on The Crew’s most recent PlayStation 4 beta, but that takes time to both write and read. Instead, we figured that we’d show you how we’re getting on with Ubisoft’s latest racer. As you can see, things are going just great. [ Subscribe to our YouTube channel for...


  • News Do You Want to Play The Crew on PS4 Prior to Launch?

    Beta sign up quick

    In the aftermath of DriveClub’s well-documented problems, we actually admire Ubisoft for delaying The Crew while it runs one last closed beta. The title had been set to hit the road next month, but following some less than stellar feedback, the company has de

  • News The Crew Takes Time to Make a Few Additional Recruits

    Ambitious racer spending a few extra weeks in the workshop

    Ubisoft will be taking a little extra time to tinker with its ambitious open world racing release The Crew, as the title has taken a detour into December. The constantly connected ‘CaRPG’ had originally been set to take to the track on 11th November, but will now hit the road on 2nd...



  • News PS4 Racer The Crew Is Going to Drive Away with Your Wallet

    Money sink

    Ubisoft’s intriguing open world racer The Crew has always sounded ambitious, but we never expected its lofty aims to expand to its monetisation model as well. While the cross-country excursion – which will see you competing across a condensed interpretation of the United States – will release as a full-priced product for the...


  • News PlayStation 4 Racer The Crew Posses Up in Mid-2014

    Staying in the workshop

    Watch Dogs isn’t the only title packing up its belongings for a little longer than expected. Ubisoft has announced that its next generation racer The Crew will also be staying stationary for the foreseeable future, with the PlayStation 4 release not set to arrive until the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2015. It had...



  • News The Crew Designed with PS4's 'Play as You Download' Feature in Mind

    Convenience content

    For corridor conflicts like Call of Duty: Ghosts, the PlayStation 4’s ambitious ‘Play as You Download’ feature is unlikely to prove a problem. Developers can easily arrange data so that the first level of the campaign is pulled off the server first, followed by the second, third, and so on. But for open world games such as...

  • News The Crew Was Ported to PS4 by Just Two to Three People

    Times are changing

    At this point prior to the PlayStation 3’s release, we were starting to hear whispers about the console’s complex architecture. Third-party studios were really struggling to get to grips with the system, and that was evidenced by the slew of shoddy ports that plagued the platform for years after its arrival. Fortunately, the...