Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body


PlayStation 4


Game Rating

User Ratings: 13

Our Review: 7/10

Catherine: Full Body News


  • News Catherine: Full Body Demo Struts onto PS4

    It's a date

    A playable demo for Catherine: Full Body has arrived on the PlayStation Store ahead of the game's 3rd September release date here in the West. The demo comes in at just under 5GB on PlayStation 4, and should give you a decent idea of what Catherine's all about. For those totally out of the loop, Catherine's part social sim and part...







  • News Catherine: Full Body Arranges a Ménage à Quatre

    Ogle some new screenshots

    Vincent looks like he’s going to have his hands full in Catherine: Full Body – and potentially his mouth, too. With pre-orders going live for the expanded PlayStation 3 puzzler in Japan, creator Atlus has released the box art for the re-release, showing the protagonist surrounded by a trio of buxom babes. The game’s...

  • News Catherine: Full Body Comes to Japan on Valentine's Day


    Racy puzzle game Catherine: Full Body is set to launch first in Japan, and it has a double date with the PS4 and PS Vita on 14th February 2019. The flirty and surreal puzzler is getting enhanced for its re-release, with new endings, scenes, and a brand new character. We don't know a whole lot more about the game yet, but a Western release...



  • News Catherine: Full Body Will Drop Its Undies in the West

    Announced in time for Xmas

    A very quick pre-Christmas confirmation from the fine folks at Atlus: remaster Catherine: Full Body will release on Western shores. There’s no word on a date, price, or platforms – but it’s safe to assume at the very least that the PlayStation 4 version will launch in Europe and North America. The jury’s still out...

  • News Catherine: Full Body's First Trailer May Raise an Eyebrow or Two

    Rin revealed

    Catherine: Full Body is an enhanced and expanded remake of the strange PlayStation 3 puzzler, and it's coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita next year. It adds new endings, new scenes, new gameplay options, and, perhaps most importantly, a new character named Rin. Alongside Catherine and Katherine, Rin seems to be the third...