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Resident Evil 6 News


  • News Resident Evil Sale Haunts the EU PlayStation Store This Week

    Sorry, no Jill sandwiches

    Those of you looking to inject your evenings with a spot of horror may be excited to learn about the upcoming Resident Evil sale shuffling its way onto the European PlayStation Store. Starting from tomorrow until 27th March, you’ll be able to purchase a selection of titles from Capcom’s classic franchise at up to 50 per...


  • News New Resident Evil 6 Costumes Highlight Ada's Angles

    Jill sandwich

    You better hope that you’re secretly the master of unlocking, because these retro Resident Evil 6 costumes are worth shouting about. Arguably the best thing to come out of the disappointing sequel since the first screenshots of Leon S. Kennedy’s floppy hair, these amazing retro character costumes can be obtained by participating in...

  • News Capcom Disappointed By Slouching Resident Evil 6 Sales

    Zombie infection contained

    Capcom has announced its latest financial earnings, stating that the disappointing sales of Resident Evil 6 have caused the company to lower its estimated profits for the year. While figures for the undead offering started well – shifting an amazing 634,000 units on the PlayStation 3 in its first week in Japan alone –...


  • News Resident Evil 6 Does the Business for Capcom

    Alive and kicking

    Resident Evil 6 may not have garnered the universally positive review scores that the series is renowned for, but the sequel has been an enormous financial success for publisher Capcom. Speaking during a business briefing earlier today, the company reported an operating income of ¥6.5 billion ($81.6 million) for the first half of...

  • News Cliff Bleszinski Offers to Help Turn Resident Evil Around

    Gears of gore

    Currently unemployed video game luminary Cliff Bleszinski has offered to help resurrect Capcom’s ailing Resident Evil series. The former Epic Games employee Tweeted over the weekend, “Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together.” The distinguished designer played a pivotal part in transforming Microsoft’s Gears of...

  • News Free Resident Evil 6 Update Shuffles onto PS3 This December

    Back from the brink

    The free Resident Evil 6 update that was the cause of much controversy earlier this month will crawl onto the PlayStation 3 in mid-December, publisher Capcom has announced. The complimentary download will include the crushing ‘No Hope’ difficulty level, in addition to co-op for Ada Wong’s campaign. Capcom is taking the...

  • News Don't Worry, Resident Evil 6's On-Disc DLC Is Free

    Shut it, shrimpy

    Pop down those pitch-forks and “Capcom Sucks” protest boards – the Japanese publisher has revealed that Resident Evil 6’s recently uncovered on-disc DLC will actually be free. According to the company, the complimentary content will be unlocked in an upcoming update. There will be paid DLC for the conflicted survival horror...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation 3 Sales Surge

    Like a disease

    A cavalcade of anticipated software – combined with the release of the new Super Slim hardware model – pushed the PlayStation 3's sales over 42k units in Japan this week. The bump still wasn’t enough to topple the unstoppable Nintendo 3DS, but it came within striking distance. Resident Evil 6 was the platform’s biggest new...

  • News Resident Evil 6 Spreads to 4.5 Million Store Shelves

    Highly infectious

    It seems as though the negative reviews have done nothing to deter Resident Evil 6 from infecting numerous PlayStation 3s across the globe, as Capcom has announced that it has shipped 4.5 million copies of the divisive sequel worldwide. It also took a moment to boast that the Resident Evil franchise has sold 50 million units in...

  • News Digital Version of Resident Evil 6 Infected by Nasty Virus

    No hope left

    Those of you that snapped up the digital version of Resident Evil 6 yesterday may have noticed there’s a slight problem with your game: it doesn’t load. It seems a patch released by Capcom has rendered Day 1 Digital versions of the title completely unplayable – but thankfully there is a temporary workaround. "The temporary fix to...


  • News Microsoft's Making You Wait for These Resident Evil 6 Modes

    Bah humbug

    Timed exclusivity is silly. We understand why it’s necessary in an age where legitimate third-party exclusives are heading the way of the dodo – but it’s infuriating when content is taken away from your platform of choice just because another company paid for it. Take Resident Evil 6 – the game’s getting three extra modes on...

  • News Resident Evil 6's Leather Jacket Edition Will Cost You £899

    Costly clobber

    It’ll cost you almost a grand to look as good as Resident Evil 6 protagonist Leon S. Kennedy – and that’s without splashing out on an expensive floppy haircut. Publisher Capcom has added the Resident Evil 6: Leather Jacket Edition to its European store. It’ll set you back just £899. The pricey package includes a replica of...

  • News New Resident Evil 6 Demo Shuffling Out 18th September

    Itchy taster

    Not seen enough of Resident Evil 6 before release yet? Then you'll be pleased to hear that there's a brand new demo coming to the PlayStation Store on 18th September. The trial will give you a little taste of each of the game's three main campaigns, and each level can be played in either single player or online co-op. You'll be able to...

  • Preview Resident Evil 6

    Gore blimey

    Over the course of the last few years, the Resident Evil series has been content to rest on its laurels, with some suggesting that it would only take one truly exciting survival horror title to come along and cast the once groundbreaking series into the annals of history. Each new title from the franchise has been presented with shiny...

  • News Stolen Copies of Resident Evil 6 Are Infecting Poland Early

    Capcom confirms reports

    Recently we brought you the news that retailers had released Resident Evil 6 early in Poland. Beyond the immediate feeling of being jealous, we did wonder how a retailer had sold a game a whole month ahead of its release day. It's simple, the copies are hot, and we don't mean that in a good way. Capcom has provided a...

  • News Retailers Break Resident Evil 6 Release Date

    Too good to stay on the shelves?

    Polish retailers are already selling copies of Resident Evil 6 – despite the game not officially releasing until 2nd October. A lucky gamer managed to get hold of an early copy, and posted a picture of his spoils on the Internet to prove it. It's not uncommon for retailers to break street dates overseas, but we've...


  • News Resident Evil 6 Will Have an Online Stat-Tracking Service


    Resident Evil 6 will be complemented by a free online stat-tracking service, publisher Capcom has announced. will log data on your activities, and serve up a number of in-game rewards. The service will track your battle reports, details on the weapons you've used and more. It’ll also update your stats for Mercenaries...

  • News Get Your First Look at Resident Evil 6's Ada Wong in Action

    Scarlet woman

    Hot on the heels of this morning’s official announcement, Capcom has released the first footage of Resident Evil 6’s fourth protagonist in action. You can catch the lady in red herself, Ada Wong, strutting through a rain-soaked cemetery while spewing an internal monologue about hair conditioner and nail polish. Oh, who are we...

  • News Yes, Ada Wong Will Be Playable in Resident Evil 6

    Femme fatale

    As if Resident Evil 6 wasn’t already packing enough content, publisher Capcom has announced that a fourth campaign starring Ada Wong will be unlocked once you complete the game. You’ll need to plough your way through all of Leon, Chris and Jake’s scenarios before unlocking the scarlet woman – an endeavour that the Japanese giant...


  • News Pre-Order Resident Evil 6 for Bonus Umbrella... Er, Umbrella

    Stay dry, soldier

    Here’s a pre-order bonus that’s relevant, tempting and totally bloody ridiculous. Capcom has announced that all Resident Evil 6 pre-orders placed through its online store will be rewarded with an Umbrella, er, umbrella. The exclusive accessory includes the fictional faction’s distinctiv

  • News Three New Gameplay Videos for Resident Evil 6

    Survive the all new C-Virus

    Capcom are fighting back the upcoming zombie apocalypse with three new gameplay videos of Resident Evil 6, featuring Leon, Helena, Chris, Jake and Sherry. Please be aware, that the following videos contain bad language and scenes of gory zombie-infested violence. Just like any Resident Evil video should. The first video...

  • News Resident Evil 6 Features Nude Female 'Human-Spider' Boss

    When zombies aren't enough

    After an impossibly long period of hype, the October release of Resident Evil 6 seems to be relatively close. There's been plenty revealed in recent weeks, along with footage of the game itself, but it seems that the American ESRB has gone into some of the reasons for giving the title a 'mature' rating, with one in...

  • News Capcom's Already Advertising Resident Evil 6 in Japan

    Building demand

    Resident Evil 6 is not out for at least another four months, but publisher Capcom is already promoting the title in Japan. The giant has released the television spot embedded below, which is designed to portray the feeling of “fear” pivotal to the survival series. The commercial also details the title’s Japanese pre-order...

  • Rumour Ada Wong Campaign to Feature in Resident Evil 6

    Eye spy

    We already know that Resident Evil 6 is going include a mammoth amount of content, but rumours emerging on the Internet this afternoon suggest it might feature a fourth campaign starring the lady in red herself, Ada Wong. Hackers managed to tear apart the recently released Xbox 360 exclusive demo to reveal gameplay references to the scarlet...

  • News Fresh Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Footage Stumbles Online

    Brains on a train

    Capcom's kicked out some brand new footage of Resident Evil 6. The gameplay – debuted at this weekend's Summer Jam event – shows protagonist Leon S Kennedy shooting his way through a subway littered with the undead. As always, his leather jacket looks absolutely incredible. The hotly anticipated sequel is due out later this...


  • News Capcom Confirms Killer Line-Up for Eurogamer Expo

    Drop dead

    Fans of zombies, controversy and The Thing will probably want to snatch up the few remaining tickets to September’s Eurogamer Expo. The London convention is set to pay host to a trio of top-tier titles from Capcom, with Resident Evil 6, DmC: Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3 all playable on the show floor. Members of the Push Square team...

  • News Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition Unveiled

    Steelbook and more

    Every big release needs a special edition, and Capcom's Resident Evil 6 is no exception. The publisher's just lifted the lid on its collector's edition for Europe and Australia, and it's a whopper. Here's what the package contains: Resident Evil 6 Game Zombie Steel Book Exclusive RE6 hardback artbook showing concept art from...

  • News Bite Your Nails Through 20 Minutes of Resident Evil 6

    Presidential assassinations

    Capcom’s released footage of the entirety of Leon S. Kennedy’s section from the Resident Evil 6 E3 demo. In it, the floppy haired cop puts a bullet between the eyes of the president, and then insists on acting all sulky as he and his partner explore a totally-not infested abandoned town hall. The atmosphere certainly...

  • News Resident Evil 6: Anthology Covers All Your Undead Needs


    Resident Evil newcomers take note: Capcom has announced the perfect compilation for you. Dubbed the Resident Evil 6: Anthology edition, the premium package bundles a physical version of the franchise’s latest entry, alongside digital copies of Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 4 HD...

  • News New Resident Evil 6 Story Trailer Shuffles Online

    Hair envy

    Is it possible to watch a Resident Evil 6 trailer without feeling a pang of jealousy over protagonist Leon S. Kennedy’s perfect hair? Even when faced with hordes of the undead, the lovable character’s golden bangs always seem to sit just right. It's the same old story in this brand new E3 trailer, which features multiple close-ups of...


  • News Capcom Expects to Sell 7 Million Copies of Resident Evil 6

    Sure thing

    It’s sales-age season here at Push Square. As company’s report their annual movers and shakers to stern faced investors, we’re doing our best to pick out the most interesting tidbits from a never-ending line of dull spreadsheets and Powerpoint slides. This is one of those nuggets. Capcom expects to sell seven million copies of the...


  • News Resident Evil 6 to Reload Mercenaries Mode

    Popping heads

    As if there was any doubt about its inclusion, Capcom has revealed a bunch of Resident Evil 6 pre-order bonuses which confirm the return of the brilliant score-attack mode, Mercenaries. There’ll be three additional maps available for those that pre-order, including the Rail Yard, Catacombs and High Seas Fortress. Unfortunately, each...

  • News Resident Evil 6's Premium Edition Costs a Whopping $1300

    Sell your grandma

    Video game collector’s editions have gradually got more elaborate (and expensive) over the past five years — but Resident Evil 6’s Japan-only Premium Edition sets a whole new precedent. The limited edition pack will set you back a staggering ¥105,000, which translates to about $1300. In exchange for your hard-earned cash,...

  • News Resident Evil 6's Campaign Is About 30 Hours Long

    Get comfortable

    Capcom might be craftily eyeing the commercial success of Call of Duty with the upcoming Resident Evil 6, but there’s one area where the two titles will almost certainly differ: length. Speaking in an interview with NowGamer, director Eiichiro Sasaki revealed that he expects the game to be about 30 hours long once fi

  • News Resident Evil 6 Shuffles Forward to October Release

    Cites "tasty autumn brains"

    Zombies don't like fire, but they're not too fond of the cold either, which could go some way to explaining why Capcom's brought its big Christmas title Resident Evil 6 forward by nearly two months to early October. Previously set for release in late November, the game's now due for 2nd October, meaning it'll be among the...


  • News Capcom Explains Resident Evil's Action Approach

    Survival horror isn't popular enough

    These days the Resident Evil franchise is all about fist-pumping action, but that hasn't always been the case. Those of you old enough to remember the early PSone days will recall the series being much slower and, arguably, atmospheric. It’s a format that fans still long for, but according to Resident Evil...

  • News Resident Evil 6 Pre-orders Do the Business for Capcom

    What are you buyin'?

    Resident Evil 6 might still be several months away, but the title is already causing a stir in the marketplace according to publisher Capcom. Speaking with Game Informer, Capcom’s Christian Svensson revealed that not only are pre-orders off to a stellar start, but the title’s announcement has also raised interest in the...


  • News Capcom Reloads Resident Evil 6 with New Details

    All you need to know inside

    Resident Evil 6's first trailer certainly got our attention, and now Capcom has followed up with some details about the game's setting, characters and all-important controls. Chris Redfield ventures to fictional coastal Chinese town Liangshang, with the game set in the very-near-indeed future: 2013. Players will be able...