MLB 11 The Show

MLB 11 The Show


PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment
SCE San Diego Studio


Game Rating

User Ratings: 8

Our Review: 9/10

MLB 11 The Show News


  • News MLB 11 The Show Only Supports Move in Home Run Derby Mode

    That's all, folks

    As the latest entry in Sony's flagship baseball series, it's no surprise that MLB 11 The Show will support the company's flagship motion controller, PlayStation Move. When MLB 11's Move support was announced it was thought only the game's Home Run Derby mode would be playable with Move, denying pitchers the chance to use Move's...


  • News Be Part of MLB 11 The Show with a PlayStation Move Minigame

    Sony comes out swinging

    Sony's MLB The Show series is without a doubt the greatest recreation of baseball ever committed to playable form, so the news that next year's entry MLB 11 The Show will support PlayStation Move is a welcome update to baseball fans everywhere. At the time of writing, it's believed only the home run derby mode will support...