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PlayStation 3

  • US 8th Mar 2011
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  • Review MLB 11 The Show (PlayStation 3)

    A home run

    Truly, there are only two seasons: winter and baseball. Luckily, MLB 11 The Show's season is year-round. Widely regarded as one of the best sports series this gen, largely in part to San Diego Studios' ability to continuously improve each iteration by leaps and bounds – rather than simply providing an annual roster update – this...

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MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
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MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
MLB 11 The Show Screenshot
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MLB 11 The Show News

  • News MLB 11 The Show Only Supports Move in Home Run Derby Mode

    That's all, folks

    As the latest entry in Sony's flagship baseball series, it's no surprise that MLB 11 The Show will support the company's flagship motion controller, PlayStation Move. When MLB 11's Move support was announced it was thought only the game's Home Run Derby mode would be playable with Move, denying pitchers the chance to use Move's...

  • News Be Part of MLB 11 The Show with a PlayStation Move Minigame

    Sony comes out swinging

    Sony's MLB The Show series is without a doubt the greatest recreation of baseball ever committed to playable form, so the news that next year's entry MLB 11 The Show will support PlayStation Move is a welcome update to baseball fans everywhere. At the time of writing, it's believed only the home run derby mode will support...

About The Game

Widely considered the most authentic baseball game available, MLB® 11 The Show™ is set again to provide fans with the best baseball experience this console generation with even more features and modes destine to quicken the heart, raise the stakes, and hurl you further into the true MLB® baseball experience.

As the #1 selling baseball franchise in video game history, The Show is proving once again to be the industry’s premier licensed Major League Baseball® (MLB®) game, both critically and commercially.

Leading off on the new features set for PS3 is the addition of the Pure Analog Control System, which includes analog controls for hitting, pitching, and throwing, adding more precision and accuracy to all three disciplines. Pure Hitting allows you to stride and swing using the Right Analog Stick, Pure Pitching functionality incorporates a new Pitch Meter when setting strength and location, and Pure Throwing can be used to make defensive throws by simply pointing the Right Analog Stick in the direction of the base, also allowing for fake throws to keep runners honest.

Next up is the newly added Co-op Mode, which allows up to four-player offline or online cooperative play where gamers can split duties covering either the infield or outfield, while also switching off at the plate or choosing the specific batters they’d like to control. Users can play 1 vs. 2, 2 vs. 2, or 2 vs. CPU. Also adding to the competitive fire is MLB 11 The Show’s Challenge of the Week—a quick, fast paced 2-3 minute, 1-player, online experience, with leader boards and prizes awarded in three tiers.

The fifth generation of Road to The Show returns in version 5.0 bringing a new interactive slider set to the Create Player process, new training modes triggered by the Player Performance Evaluator, Minor League™ substitution logic improvements, advancement system improvements that now compare your stats versus your competition in the organization, and the new No Assist Fielding option to make the fielding experience even more realistic.

New to the MLB 11 The Show broadcast booth is former Dodger first baseman Eric Karros who joins franchise veterans Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell to complete the three man crew. Karros currently works as an MLB color commentator on the FOX network as well as KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, where he is part of the pre-game show for Dodger games.

Additional new features for PS3 include stereoscopic 3D functionality in all gameplay modes, a customizable camera editor, stadium specific broadcast camera angles for all 30 MLB teams, new weather elements in the form of rain and dynamic cloud coverage, stadium specific jumbotrons and fireworks, and PlayStation®Move motion controller support, making its debut in the Home Run Derby® mode.