DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown


PlayStation 3


Game Rating

User Ratings: 9

Our Review: 8/10

DiRT Showdown News


  • News Watch This Smashing DiRT Showdown Trailer

    Twisted metal

    Ahead of tomorrow’s European launch, Codemasters has released the final trailer for its raucous spin-off DiRT Showdown. The video does a fairly good job of highlighting the title’s boisterous nature, focusing on fireworks, crashes and, well, more crashes. Looks ill as dope, innit? (Are we doing this right?)

  • News New DiRT Showdown Trailer Parties Hard

    What does that even mean?

    If you’re still not entirely sure what DiRT Showdown actually is, this trailer should set the scene. It’s got loud music, flashing lights and exaggerated American voiceovers. It’s essentially the game Codemasters has been itching to make for the past three years. Totally rad, dude. Cowabunga. Word. You can read our...

  • News DiRT Showdown Demo Crashes onto PSN Today

    Bruised and broken

    You’ll be able to quench your thirst for crumpled bonnets today, when Codemasters smashes a demo for the upcoming DiRT Showdown onto the PlayStation Store. The teaser will feature two events, including a solo single-player race and a “devastating” multiplayer demolition derby event. The single-player race will see you...


  • News DiRT Showdown Collides with 25th May Release Date

    Hooning is not a crime

    Those of you obsessed with bent bumpers and scratched paint work will probably want to pick up a copy of DiRT Showdown when it releases on 25th May in the UK and 29th May in the US. The title steers the traditionally serious rallying series in a more raucous direction, focusing on arcade thrills and vehicle wrecking spills. If...

  • Preview DiRT Showdown - Destruction Derby Returns

    Write off

    Given the affection PlayStation fans still have for Destruction Derby, it’s surprising no one’s attempted to recreate the smash-heavy vehicular formula on PS3. It may be late to the party, but DiRT Showdown is exactly that: a game that can’t be pitched without referencing Psygnosis’ 1995 hit, like its inspiration it’s hard to put...


  • News DiRT Showdown Twists Some Metal

    Crash bash

    Even with Twisted Metal fresh in our memories, we’re really looking forward to DiRT Showdown. While the spin-off racer might not have any weapon pick-ups or explosives, it does have giant dome like arenas – which means there’s plenty of potential for bent metal and knackered paint jobs. Check out this brand new trailer to see what...