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PlayStation 3

  • US 12th Jun 2012, $9.99
  • EU 13th Jun 2012, £7.99
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  • Review Babel Rising (PlayStation 3)

    Playing God

    One of the video game medium’s greatest assets is its ability to convey power. Whether you’re taking control of a superhero or an everyman with regenerating health, the industry rarely fails in its pursuit to provide you with unreasonable strength. But while potent protagonists are nothing new – almost all would succumb to the...

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Babel Rising Screenshot
Babel Rising Screenshot

Babel Rising News

  • News Babel Rising Launch Trailer Smites Scores of Sinners

    Great balls of fire

    In order to celebrate Babel Rising’s arrival on the PlayStation Network this week, Ubisoft has released a brand new video of the sanctimonious strategy action title in motion. The trailer shows off some of the activities you can expect to experience in the final game – namely zapping blasphemous peasants with thunderous bolts...

  • News Babel Rising Makes You a God with Move

    Genesis 11:9

    Ubisoft’s PlayStation Move powered God game Babel Rising is set to release on 13th June in Europe, the publisher has announced. The downloadable title sees you assuming the role of God and attempting to stop humans from building the Tower of Babel by tossing all manner of natural disasters at them. Sounds like a good way to relieve...

  • News Play God with Babel Rising on PSN Next Year

    Thou shalt not miss it

    This one passed us by last week, but Ubisoft's announced its first Move-enabled download will see the light of day in 2012. Called Babel Rising, it's a big brother to the current iOS game that sees you using God-like powers to stop the Babylonians finishing the titular tower. We've not been able to unleash the wrath of God...

About The Game

Play God. Destroy the Tower of Babel