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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Yeah the music was amazing for Legend of Dragoon, and the combat was unique especially with the timed hits and such. It's one game I wish they would remaster, but I know they never will. Which is why I kept my copy and my PS3. 😁

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You know playing through Final Fantasy 8 Again made me Realize that this is the Final Fantasy Game They Should have Remade As Aside from Final Fantasy 5 This Game doesn't get much love Also Their is Alot of Stuff about the World And Characters That could be Expanded upon



@Areus Is your caps lock broken or something? 😂

We are now in a world of people being offended for other people who they think should be offended, who arent offended.

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@JohnnyShoulder Lol Nah i Just Have a Habit Of Using Caps While Typing The First Letter Of My Words



@Areus I like it, it makes every sentence you write look like the title of a Smiths song.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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@Gremio108 Brilliant! If I could upvote forum posts I would give that remark a hearty +1.

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