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Hi guys, xX_RiscazZ_Xx here, you may know me from heated discussions about why Destiny still matters, and begging people to come and raid, or whatever, you may NOT know me because with a new job and a decent amount of travel involved I barely have had the time to play anything, or come to these much loved forums. But here I am again! Hi!

So, there are threads about football, films, TV shows, pretty much a lot of other stuff too, but I noticed when I searched for music, no threads popped up. Well fear not fellow PushSquarers, this is the place!

The idea is that people share their personal playlists (has to be a playlist curated by you - only rule I promise), share songs they love, songs that mean a lot to them and I guess talk about the why's and how's. This is not genre specific, any taste is welcome and I would encourage everyone to give a go to other people's suggestions, you never know if you might find something you like.

I will start:

created by: Tiago Oiteiro
521 tracks, 33 hr 46 min, 1 followers
Top genres: indie rock, garage rock, indietronica, indie pop, new rave
Popular artists: Imagine Dragons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Flume
Similar artists to explore (not in playlist): Babyshambles, We Are Scientists, Delphic, Hot Hot Heat, The Rakes, Black Kids, Eagles Of Death Metal, Friendly Fires, Louis XIV, Passion Pit

This is a playlist that has been 2 years and a heartbreak in the making, the variety in it reflects thew twists and turns it took very well, but it never fails to ultimately keep it fun and up-beat. When I say Indie, most people think about new and trendy stuff, which there is plenty of, but there's also a lot of meaningful past music moments and names in there, because I do feel that at any point, a current big name could have braved into territory unknown and well, went where no other artist had gone before. The only way to play this is on shuffle, you never know what comes up. Finally, this is still updated pretty much every single week with new/old discoveries so feel free to give it a follow to keep up to date with the work!

Plenty more to follow, but for now the ball is on your side, what have you been listening to lately?

Edit: Actually I just spotted a music thread, my fault, it didn't come up on the search. If the mods feel these two are clashing feel free to close it.

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