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@nessisonett Wait... brain coral gives oxygen?! 🀯

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@Th3solution If you float into the bubbles they emit then it restore your oxygen!

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Yeah it says the planet is under quarantine @Th3solution and that no viehicles are allowed to enter or leave to prevent the spread of the infection... So the character being unable to disable the laser is no doubt due to them having the same one.

There's also a second floor to that place btw if you didn't know. There's an energy lift/elavator thingy to the right side of the start of the building (if you swam inside as there's actually a door on the other side of the building from the outside that starts you on that second floor)

Th3solution wrote:

But don’t get too excited. The laser cutter requires diamonds (I think 2) and I haven’t seen those anywhere.

... I did also tell you earlier sol where diamonds for a laser cutter could be found...

Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy wrote:

as you can find the resources to make a laser cutter and a propulsion canon (to get in the Aurora) on that island with the laser building on.

Diamonds just grow on the walls Sol along with lithium. So get exploring the actual island... Just be careful of the wildlife!

Ya just might find something else neat on there too if ya look hard enough πŸ˜„

@nessisonett I believe Subnautica's world isn't randomly generated at all so laser cutter fragments should be to the right of and fairly close to the Aurora? ... Near the red reefy places with the floating circular rocks I'm pretty sure is where I found mine.

And gold is a random drop from sandstone deposits I believe? I had the complete opposite problem to you actually having oodles of gold and desperately needed silver for a wiring kit

-EDIT- Also I didn't know that about brain coral either so cheers ness!

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Once you build a seamoth and a prawn suit, getting round is so much easier. It did take me ages to build those as I was quite enjoying the slow paced nature of it all, and was nice game to play when it got hot last year.

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Just like a teacher to be testing my reading comprehension! πŸ˜‚
Looks like I get a failing grade today.

But seriously, I wasn’t thinking, clearly, so thanks for the tip! Now I won’t waste time looking where I thought I was going to have to for those infernal diamonds. Cheers! πŸ˜„

Somehow I had picked up several lithium while I was there, but didn’t notice the diamonds.

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So, I was going to have a quick play to try and craft a laser cutter, but ended up spending a few hours distracted with other things in the game.

At the enforcement platform island, I was checking it thoroughly for a second diamond. I discovered the upper cave system had a weird machine, and found another purple tablet to access the upper part of the building. The ion cubes there powered up the weird machine, which led to a lot of new exploration.

I have plenty of diamonds now. It's just the elusive cave sulphur left to find before crafting a laser cutter. After that I should be able to explore the Aurora, then maybe start to think about habitat building afterwards.

Anyway, that session was a lot of fun due to finding that new place to explore.

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I finally explored the Aurora fully (feels like I got everywhere of interest). It was daunting at first due to the annoying creatures on the outside, but thankfully it was more peaceful inside.

However, there was an annoying glitch. I got caught on something and couldn't move. Even the usual tricks of mashing buttons or saving and reloading weren't enough to free my character. It was on the water surface, and wasn't possible to drown and then respawn. And as the character had only just drank a lot of water, it was going to be a long wait.

Whilst waiting patiently for my character to die from dehydration, I saw online that there were console commands. So I managed to use a command to warp 1 meter ahead, sending the character to freedom. So thankfully the subnautica dude escaped without having to die and respawn.

Hopefully the console command hasn't messed up unlocking trophies for me. Supposedly it disables trophies until you quit the game, and they'll be fine after saving and quitting. So in theory I should be alright.


@crimsontadpoles You'll be ok using the warp commands. When I finished the game I had a look around and found out all about them. The only ones that cause the trophies to lock out are the modifiers like no cost and no damage etc, and you can even use those as long as you disable them again before you do the action to pop the trophy.



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