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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a new smartphone to buy at the next black friday, and the Xperia's lineup seems very interesting. I like its design, hardware specs and the fact it can stream PlayStation games.

Do you have any opinions about them? I'm not familiar with any particular model, so all info is welcome! =)


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My advice is to avoid them. For the same money you can buy better and more reliable phones. I've had several Xperia phones (high-end) and I'm not going close to them any time soon.



I'm getting a new smartphone next week. If it is an android phone you are after I would recommend going for a Samsung model. I've been with them for the past five years and they are consistently the best in class. They are expensive though and if you can't afford em Huawei are a bit cheaper and are good phones.

I'm probably gonna go for the Huawei P20 Pro or the LG V30. The latter cos it is supposed to be outstanding for music, and I listen to a lot of music on my phone.

And the reason I'm changing from Samsung is that I just wanna change.

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A while back I had the Z1, which was a great phone. had the Samsung S6 Edge and S8 after that as the Xperia line post Z1 wasn't all that great and had processor overheating problems. Went with the Samsungs and they are very nice devices, but battery life (and longevity) sucks.

Before my contact came to an end and while it was still worth something, I sold the S8 (again, beautiful thing - but the battery after just over a year was half a day at a stretch ).

I purchased am Xperia XA2 Ultra and couldn't be happier. It's a big beast of a 'mid-range' phone. Middling processor, middling RAM and not the best camera out there. But it runs like butter and a proper full day (6am til after midnight), even with heavy use is never an issue.

I've always been a big fan of the Xperia candy bar design, and it's really nice to have enough bezel to hold the phone however you want without obscuring the screen. It's also nice to be away from Samsung's TouchWiz. While it's obviously possible with whatever Android phone you have, getting something with so close to stock Android was refreshing.
Anyway, I would recommend the XA2 Ultra if you're in the market for a big phone/phablet. The regular XA2 is similarly specced with a gig less RAM and slightly smaller battery.

It's all about battery capacity for me now. No point having a glorious amoled screen and all of the processing power in the world if you're reaching for a charger by mid afternoon.

As @JohnnyShoulder says - the upper tiers of Huawei's range are all pretty impressive too.

OnePlus always have a good handset. the 3T and 5T are both good devices.

Generally speaking - I wouldn't base the decision around Remote Play. I'm a Sony fanboy of sorts - their design work usually does it for me, so the XA2 Ultra fit the bill nicely.

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OnePlus always have a good handset. the 3T and 5T are both good devices.

Based on my experience, they're great phones. Great quality/price ratio too. Very reliable, and the battery still lasts at least two days after more than two years of use. I'm still using the 3, and I got it at launch back in 2016. I'm thinking of upgrading to the 6, but since mine is still working fine, I see no reason to upgrade yet.



I've used nothing but Xperia phones for about five, maybe six years now.

Awesome things.

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