Topic: I'm getting my PS5 next month, which game should I buy to try on the console?

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I have a list that I made and I can choose 3 games from it with my PS5, but I really don't know which ones to take. I'll buy the bundle with God of War Ragnarok, and with the Plus Deluxe, I'll play Horizon Forbidden West and Demon's Souls.

1-) Resident Evil 4 Remake
2-) Hogwarts Legacy
3-) Dead Space
4-) Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart (I don't know if I should wait until this one is on Plus Deluxe)
5-) The Witcher 3 Complete Edition
6-) Returnal
7-) Jedi Survivor (This one would be a pre-order)
8-) Elden Ring
9-) The Last of Us Part I
10-) Need for Speed Unbound

I already have GT7 for PS4 and I'll get the upgrade to PS5. Feel free to give more options too!



@Shrek_Realista I still think Returnal is one of the best PS5 games and one of the best to show off what the console can do but it isn’t for everyone. Luckily for you it is available on PS+ Extra and Premium too!

Ratchet and Clank also shows off lots of the console features brilliantly and is great fun too.

Of the others I’ve played Elden Ring and it’s regarded as a modern classic but will take up a lot of your time so maybe save it for now. Witcher 3 is one of my favourite games but I’ve not played it for years and don’t know how the upgrade runs.

The others have all been reviewed well and played by others on here but the two I mention are probably the best to try on your new console (along with Astro’s Playroom which comes with the console and is a wonderful game!).



I have some suggestions for you.

1. Kao the Kangaroo
2. The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf
3. Instant Sports Plus
4. Time on Frog Island
5. Spirit of The North
6. Yonder the Cloud Catcher
7. Arkanoid Eternal Battle
8. Lemon Cake
9. Bunny Park
10. PAW Patrol Grand Prix



Resident Evil Village is still my favorite game on the system, I'd highly recommend that one. Lost Judgment is also very good if you enjoy the Yakuza-style games.



@Shrek_Realista That’s a nice looking list so you can’t go wrong with any of those. Like @Thrillho says, Returnal is also on PS++ so you’re golden with that one. That game might just be my favorite all around PS5 experience. But it’s not for the faint of heart due to its difficulty and some people can’t get accustomed to the Roguelike gameplay. But I’m an average skilled gamer at best, and I completed the game and enjoyed it immensely.

Hogwarts Legacy is also fantastic if you’re a fan of the source material. It’s a large open world so you’ll need to decide it you can take that much of the genre in conjunction with GoWR and HFW (and potentially W3) without getting open-world fatigue. So in that sense, R&C Rift Apart is a nice game to put in between larger games. It’s a lot of fun and visually beautiful.

Of course if you’ve never played the original or the PS4 Remaster, then TLoUP1 is a solid recommendation.

The rest of the games on your list are ones I’ve not played but I also have interest in most of them. I’m wavering on RE4 vs Dead Space, and leaning toward Dead Space but will wait for a sale at this point. And I have Elden Ring I picked up on sale a while ago and just need to get around to it. You’ve got Demon’s Souls tee’d up to play (which is great btw), so maybe you can wait on ER. Especially considering the aforementioned open-world issue that too many 80 hour games back-to-back could cause.

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Id highly recommend

  • Ghost of Tsushima directors cut
  • Returnal
  • spider-man remastered
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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